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What one successfully invested dollar gives to ICO investors?

30 January 2018 00:00, UTC
What one successfully invested dollar gives to ICO investors?
By Margaret NAIL
For investors, ICOs are quite a risky business, but in some cases, the risk is worth it. Bitnewstoday presents the review of ICOs the tokens of which were best-performing when it comes to price growth dynamics.

The data provided by the service called ICOSTATS, the Top 10 tokens which outperformed all others in price growth since their initial offering, include: NXT, a platform for apps (one of the first ICO projects), IOTA, a system which transfers data without blocks, SpectreCoin, an anonymous cryptocurrency, and various platforms based on Ethereum, NEO, Stratis, Ark, Lisk, Storj, and Neblio. It should be noted here that the latter project had an ICO last year (2017) and has already entered Top 10 most growing tokens. Tokens of all aforementioned projects have increased in price by hundreds and tens thousands of percent.

With all this in mind, let’s find out how much revenue investors received by now by putting just $1 in ICOs from Top 10.

Project ICO launch
Initial price Approximate price
(January 2018)
$1 invested turned
NXT 2013 $0.000006 $0.5 $83.3K
IOTA 2015 $0.00016 $3.5 $21.9K
Spectrecoin 2016 $0.001 $4.5 $4.5K
Ethereum 2014 $0.31 $1300 $4.2K
Stratis 2016 $0.007 $19 $2.7K
Ark 2016 $0.01 $10 $1K
Neo 2015 $0.159 $121 $0.8K
Lisk 2016 $0.075 $30 $0.4K
Neblio 2017 $0.095 $40
Storj 2014 $0.071 $2.6 $0.36K

Table – Top 10 ICOs which resulted in fabulous investment return
Sources:, data


The undisputed leader in the token price growth performance is the project called NXT. Investors who trusted the team of this project with their money have increased their savings by 83,000 times in 4 years. It is worth mentioning that the most opportune NXT sell-out time was the late December 2017, when the price of this token rose over 2 dollars. By selling NXT coins acquired during their ICO launch for one dollar, investors could get $333,3K.


The price of IOTA token has increased almost by 22 since the ICO launch date. Or, in other words: 2 years later, one dollar invested in this project turned into $22,000. The token has reached its maximum (over $5) in December last year. By selling these coins (which initially cost one dollar) in mid-December 2017, an investor could receive around $34.4K of revenue.


Spectrecoin has multiplied in price by 4.5 – while taking in mind that the maximum has been detected on January 2 2018. A sum of around $6.7 for this token was offered on exchanges back then. During the period between the launch of the ICO in 2016 and January 2018, one invested dollar turned into $4.5K.


The price of Ethereum tokens has increased from $0.31 to $1300 during the analyzed period. As a result, by selling coins bought during the ICOs for 1 dollar, an investor could receive $4.2K. Tokens have demonstrated this drastic growth in three years. The most opportune moment for selling of these tokens was on 9 January 2018, when the price was over $1300 per token.


One-dollar investment in Stratis tokens at the ICO launch date resulted in $2.7K return. STRAT coin has reached its all-time high at the beginning of this year. For instance, on 8 January one token cost over $22 on exchanges.


In the list of other Top 10 growing tokens, Neblio is especially peculiar, as its ICO has been launched in August 2017, and the price of its tokens already multiplied by 400. On a side note, this number is higher than that of Storj, a project the tokens of which date back to 2014.

During its ICO, the project team has managed to attract 1.24 million dollars. The initial price of one NEBL was around $0.095, but at the beginning of 2018 it was already traded for $40. This means that just in 5 months or so, an investor who put only one dollar in the initial coin offering, could make 400 dollars.

As the review of the projects described above shows, one can make some real money just by investing only one dollar. Some projects made investors to wait for a serious price increase for 4 years, while some enterprises increased in price just in a few months. But this does not mean that investing in every project results in good investment returns. One must not forget that most ICOs do not result in revenue, and some of them are even made by scammers who vanish with attracted funds after initial coin offerings.

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