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Is there a limit to bitcoin price and when can we expect deep correction?
Posted On 15.12.2017 asked the experts to share their views on whether there is a ceiling of bitcoin price and asked them to predict a possible period of the next deep correction
Who manipulates bitcoin price?
Posted On 14.12.2017 talked with the experts to find out who or what is behind the rapid growth of the largest cryptocurrency and when can we expect significant price correction?
Nigeria has potential to become Bitcoin giant in Africa
Posted On 06.12.2017   
While Bitcoin has been a success in developed countries, the wave is now catching up in Africa with Nigeria on the forefront of this wave
Why is Bitcoin better than dollar? How to exchange these two?
Posted On 05.12.2017   
How to convert Bitcoin to dollar and turn one currency into another, where to find a Bitcoin ATM which allows Bitcoin conversion, and what’s an online bitcoin converter – read in this material by Bitnewstoday
How many bitcoins are yet to be mined?
Posted On 17.11.2017 provides stats on how many most popular cryptocoins – Bitcoin and Ethereum – have been mined and how much supply remains
When will bitcoin collapse and what stands behind cryptocurrency hype?
Posted On 14.11.2017 figures out what determines demand for cryptocurrencies, will bitcoin collapse in 2017? And can political decisions influence the market?
Der bitcoin. Is there a threat to the security and economy of Germany from the cryptocurrency?
Posted On 03.10.2017   
Not so many countries in Europe like cash money as Germans. However cryptocurrency which is found at the other extreme is popular as well – even despite some fears spread by the government officials and media. What is be...
Will cryptocurrency become reserve?
Posted On 28.09.2017   
Will cryptocurrency become the reserve currency in the future, and under which conditions it can do so – and experts find out
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