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Fiasco again: the weekly review of the cryptocurrency market
25 June 2018   
Bitnewstoday publishes a traditional weekly overview of cryptocurrency market for our readers. Read and learn how the cost of Bitcoin and altcoins has changed
Regulation days: weekly review
22 June 2018   
Here you can read about the biggest crypto companies’ failures of the week, regulatory talks in two financial centers and even about the future events of the days yet to come - another weekly review on Bitnewstoday
Drops, drops, drops: weekly review
15 June 2018   
This material describes a tough 7 days for the market of digital currency: what lead Bitcoin to 6K, how altcoins are doing and, of course, possible reasons of the loss of millions of market cap
Miners, hackers and investors: weekly review
09 June 2018   
The weekly digest of major news happened in the sphere of digital currency and related fields. See about the new mining device, Quebec uncertainties, exchanges’ expansion and on a dangerous hacker operation
Bitcoin — a resource or a scam? The investing experience of an Italian journalist from RAI
08 June 2018   
Is it worth considering investing in Bitcoin as a reliable source of income, or is it a risky game for gambling people? Italian State TV shares the results of a journalistic investigation
Bitcoin keeps on falling taking down altcoins
28 May 2018   
The past week turned out to be unsuccessful for cryptocurrencies market again. How badly Bitcoin fell and what currencies followed it – find it out in the weekly review of Bitnewstoday
Weekly review: Russian laws, Crypto-Sweep, market falls and two 51% attacks
25 May 2018   
See what happened this week to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Verge, the Russian legislation towards cryptocurrencies, the sentiment of the US regulators towards the market and what has influenced what
Bitcoin is no longer the foremost cryptocurrency
21 May 2018   
Bitnewstoday presents the weekly digest of the crypto market. Why did Bitcoin fall short of hopes again and what ambiguous statements were heard in the crypto world this week — read in this article
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