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Weekly review: Russian laws, Crypto-Sweep, market falls and two 51% attacks
25 May 2018    |   70
See what happened this week to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Verge, the Russian legislation towards cryptocurrencies, the sentiment of the US regulators towards the market and what has influenced what
Bitcoin is no longer the foremost cryptocurrency
21 May 2018    |   1308
Bitnewstoday presents the weekly digest of the crypto market. Why did Bitcoin fall short of hopes again and what ambiguous statements were heard in the crypto world this week — read in this article
The rise of activity of Bitcoin bulls: opinions’ review
04 May 2018    |   1760
In this material, Bitnewstoday is going to review the latest statements about Bitcoin’s prospects recently made by notable figures and market observers. See more about the rising sentiment
Countries where the cryptocurrencies are banned: busted for Bitcoin
25 April 2018    |   1324
Very few of the leading states remain indifferent to the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. In this review you can learn about countries where Bitcoin is considered to be crossed over to the dark side
Cryptocurrency for everyone: the Italian township of Rovereto launches Bitcoin Exchange points
18 April 2018    |   1134
Bitcoins have become indisputable in a daily life of a small Italian town. See the channel Bitnewstoday for more details
99% of all Bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets
30 March 2018    |   4954
There is a widespread belief, that more than 99% of all bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets. But is this true?
How to send Bitcoins
26 March 2018    |   841
In this note for beginners Bitnewstoday will tell you how to conduct operations with Bitcoin safely and not to face fraudery
The ban on cryptocurrency: the domino effect
23 March 2018    |   2163
Bitnewstoday is considering the options for attracting cryptocurrency customers which remained after the advertising ban on Google, Facebook, Instagram
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