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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Robots Will Take Your Job In 2035. Who Is Going To Become Obsolete?
15 August 2018    |   6327
A report by MGI 2017 estimated that half of all the current work activities could be automated by 2055, with a 20-year margin of error in both directions. Nearly three-quarters of Americans are afraid that AI will destro...
Image Of The Weekend, 11-12 Of August: Insider, CNBC, Forbes And Others
13 August 2018    |   3574 chose the most important news about the digital economy and virtual currencies.The most important stories of this weekend in the most indicative quotes below!
Sberbank, AlfaBank, VTB and others will have united into interbank blockchain system by 2019
26 July 2018    |   4389
Masterchain will be launched in January 2019. Banks will not have any choice
The blockchain may deprive us of private property!
23 July 2018    |   6888
The first public closed blockchain registry may appear in Russia
Halal + bitcoin = WOW! Virtual money is spreading within the society
18 July 2018    |   10352
Bahrain Shariyah issued Stellar Development Foundation fund a Shariyah Review Board license (the product fits the islamic standards)
Global regulation of the cryptosphere: is that possible?
26 June 2018    |   2230
Bitnewstoday asked experts if it’s possible to create a global system of crypto sphere regulation
Countries where cryptocurrencies are legal
20 June 2018    |   2259
Bitnewstoday asked experts in the crypto sector about countries that are friendly towards the cryptosphere, and about states trying to ban cryptocurrencies in every possible way
Icons of Italian business opt for blockchain
06 June 2018    |   2571
How can blockchain technology help to monitor the quality of basil, pesto, and chocolate? Learn about it with the case of two Italian manufacturers
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