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Blockchain and medicine: early or late?
20.03.2018    |   482
Artificial intellect and blockchain technologies will take care of people's health. Are there any prospects for introducing blockchain in medicine? How soon will it happen?
Crypto business and Google bans: is resistance futile?
16.03.2018    |   910
Google allegedly prohibits crypto apps (unconfirmed messages coming straight from app owners) and soon it will certainly ban crypto ads. What to do? Bitnewstoday asks a wide range of experts on the topic
Cryptocurrency vs token — find the difference
14.03.2018    |   1090
When people had finally stopped to fear the word “cryptocurrency” —  tokens appeared. What is a token? Do you need to buy it? What is the difference between cryptocurrency and token —  find it out on Bitnewstod...
Weekly analytics: why cryptocurrency capitalization didn’t exceed $500 billion
02.03.2018    |   1655
Bitnewstoday publishes analytics of the most significant events in the crypto industry — specially for our readers
A lawyer's opinion on the viability of smart contracts
28.02.2018    |   638
Experts in blockchain technologies believe that in the near future the implementation of new type of contracts – smart-contracts will change the business relations field. Alexey YUROV, a coordinator of Rospatent-VEB-VOIR...
Can blockchain ensure the safety of the food on your plate?
20.02.2018    |   546
This article is devoted to a technology that helps to estimate freshness and safety of blockchain food
The best altcoin: Investments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2018
06.02.2018    |   5323 decided to analyze which altcoins are worth investing in 2018, where to invest in bitcoins and what information is important for those who intend to invest in cryptocurrencies
What happened on the crypto market this January: top hot topics
05.02.2018    |   2757
Bitnewstoday presents the top events of January which influenced the cryptocurrency market
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