Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Halal + bitcoin = WOW! Virtual money is spreading within the society
18 July 2018   
Bahrain Shariyah issued Stellar Development Foundation fund a Shariyah Review Board license (the product fits the islamic standards)
Global regulation of the cryptosphere: is that possible?
26 June 2018   
Bitnewstoday asked experts if it’s possible to create a global system of crypto sphere regulation
Countries where cryptocurrencies are legal
20 June 2018   
Bitnewstoday asked experts in the crypto sector about countries that are friendly towards the cryptosphere, and about states trying to ban cryptocurrencies in every possible way
Icons of Italian business opt for blockchain
06 June 2018   
How can blockchain technology help to monitor the quality of basil, pesto, and chocolate? Learn about it with the case of two Italian manufacturers
The remaining barriers the cryptocurrency industry must overcome to successfully disrupt the $500 billion remittances market
18 May 2018   
From this article of Bitnewstoday, you will learn about the prospects for the development of crypto payment services and crypto exchanges
Startups that disrupt mobile payments industry
07 May 2018   
In this article of Bitnewtoday you will learn about actual TOP-5 startups which already work on the basis of blockchain technology
What’s new? Cryptocurrency and ICO forums review
17 April 2018   
Bitnewstoday gives an overview of topics and events of the cryptosphere, which are being actively discussed in forums and communities
Token Rocati: real housing for virtual money
09 April 2018   
Italian banking sector has been pretty shaken: a young Italian Pinzi came up with the idea how to eliminate it from real estate transactions. Read about in the article of Bitnewstoday
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