Digital Economy:
What will the global market get
Virtual money roll on a fiat rails
18 July 2018   
Payment systems making their way in cryptoverse
Everybody hates EOS
17 July 2018   
Is EOS playing dirty in its clash with Ethereum for supremacy?
Tether-related breach found by Asian cybersecurity experts
29 June 2018   
In this material, one can find out that some cryptocurrency exchanges are still suffering from tremendous financial security flaws and learn how invalid transaction can become equal to a valid one
Singer wants to create own coin and establish ‘Сrypto Wakanda’
29 June 2018   
Learn about the recent initiative of Akon (Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam), an R&B star with African origins, and see if this all is just a promotional event or actually perspective
27 accounts and constitution scrap: EOS faces tough governance problems
28 June 2018   
In this material, one can read a brief summary of what the cryptocurrency community is talking about for several days - it seems like the developers of EOS are trying to bend the network to their will. Proofs below
BitPico claims it will conduct a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash
28 June 2018   
Learn about the malicious intentions of hackers that they openly announce on Twitter and see if Bitcoin Cash blockchain developers have responded anything towards this boasting
Zcash Overwinter hard fork successful
27 June 2018   
Find out what sort of a hard fork the cryptocurrency community is dealing with this time and what the developers of the privacy coin Zcash tell about this news, as well as recent Zcash price motion stats
Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple control: “Saudi Arabia owns a lot of oil — that doesn’t give them control of oil”
25 June 2018   
Learn about the context surrounding this statement, what Brad Garlinghouse said about Coinbase and Ripple and old insider posts which turned out to be partly true
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