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Bloomberg adds Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple to its brand terminals
Posted On 15.12.2017   
The terminal system by Bloomberg is designed for corporations and wealthy traders worldwide and monitors news together with asset prices. Bitcoin is now joined by Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple
UAE and Saudi Arabia to create transnational digital currency
Posted On 15.12.2017   
One of the main features of this altcoin is going to be the fully institutional and legal payment between these two countries which have quite close economic ties
Altcoins continue to grow: Ethereum reaches $750, ZCash gets to $500
Posted On 14.12.2017   
The growth of Bitcoin has become rapid after first messages on Bitcoin futures. This currency has a relatively big share in the crypto economy, so no surprise altcoins followed it
Unconfirmed: CBOE and CME want to trade Ethereum and Litecoin futures
Posted On 14.12.2017   
Allegedly, their decision to deepen relations with the cryptocurrency market comes after Chicago Board Options Exchange has proven there is nothing harmful in Bitcoin futures, contradictory to what some traditional inves...
Japanese and South Korean banks want to try out Ripple blockchain
Posted On 13.12.2017   
Ripple is an altcoin with cross-border payments as its main feature, and their modification of blockchain continues to win hearts of traditional institution
Experimental hard fork named Super Bitcoin activated
Posted On 12.12.2017   
“Experimental” means this is only a test of most popular proposals for Bitcoin developed by some Chinese programmers. However, some exchanges already agreed to support it
Pavel Durov, creator of popular Russian social network, successfully invested in Bitcoin in 2013
Posted On 12.12.2017   
Reports tell not only the Winklevoss twins (indirectly connected to Facebook) made a fortune on early Bitcoin investment. Pavel Durov, creator of Russian social network similar to Facebook, bought several thousand...
Bitcoin Platinum is a fraud made by teenager
Posted On 12.12.2017   
The supposed hard fork of Bitcoin protocol called Bitcoin Platinum actually was a scam created by a South Korean teenager who tried to play on Bitcoin’s price decrease
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