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Verge seriously hacked again, 35M coins mined on low difficulty
23 May 2018    |   2997
This material outlines the recent problems of Verge (XVG) and their utmost similarity to the incident that has been witnessed in April this year. Find out how hackers repeated their trick again
Lael Brainard: no compelling reason to issue US national cryptocurrency
18 May 2018    |   84773
See if there are any changes in the policy of the United States Federal Reserve towards the phenomenon of digital currencies and get to know what Lael Brainard’s boss thinks about this market
Blue Frontiers wants to build cities at sea, holds ICO for Varyon cryptocurrency
18 May 2018    |   6223
See who is now in the list of advisers of the company with a romantic Blue Frontiers title, its exact intentions and if the public already knows about the blockchain of its upcoming cryptocurrency
Binance doesn’t add TrueUSD after it suddenly grows 30%
17 May 2018    |   2710
The token backed by dollar grows 30% upwards. If the reader doesn’t see anything suspicious, this material explains why this shouldn’t have happened and Binance exchange reaction
MUFG to test its own bank cryptocurrency in 2019
16 May 2018    |   5935
See the most compelling reason why the announced date of the public MUFG Coin testing does seem realistic and how much this innovative bank-issued altcoin will cost after release
IBM to issue new eco token
16 May 2018    |   1318
See the intentions of IBM and Veridium Labs and the first info regarding the new Verde token which will be used to solve environmental issues and track the impact of industrial pollution
John McAfee no longer a Monero fan, tells Bitcoin Private would replace it
15 May 2018    |   991
Read new info about the sanguine cryptocurrency activist and author of the eponymous antivirus: how his views changed, on his relations with the SEC and about the security of his house
ZCash added on Gemini, grows over 40%
15 May 2018    |   1129
See how the addition of ZCash (ZEC) to Gemini affected the price of this cryptocurrency in the short term, is this dynamics anomalous and what are the main features of this altcoin appraised by Edward Snowden
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