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Escobar’s brother launches own cryptocoin
22.03.2018    |   2
Find out below what happened after the brother of a notorious drug lord launched a website and if there are any complaints from the law enforcement or financial supervision agencies
EOS grows up amidst news on FinLab AG investing $100 mln
22.03.2018    |   7
Find out below what the prosperous technology-related corporation says about the investment in EOS, more on this digital currency, its price dynamics and general blockchain principles
Bitcoin Candy largely forgotten by the community
22.03.2018    |   8
See below what the promises of good transactions turned into in this little research conducted by Bitnewstoday and get to know if any investment returns are expectable in this case
MasterCard would work with state-issued digital currencies
20.03.2018    |   20
Is MasterCard supporting cryptocurrencies? What does it mean? Who of the managers said this? What will be the consequences? Check facts and see theories in this new material by Bitnewstoday
Bananaphony: Russian investor sues Bananacoin, suspects fraud
16.03.2018    |   54
Bananacoin, an ICO already described by Bitnewstoday, is a fraud, states one of the investors from Russia. Find out below why he thinks so and if the tokens of the project really backed by bananas after all
Another hint indicating CBOE might add altcoin futures
15.03.2018    |   34
A very vague hint adds to the list of indications than CBOE would not necessarily object to add futures contracts on more digital currencies. See more about this hint and other signals
Playboy to issue its own token
15.03.2018    |   44
The world-popular media will have its own digital token to pay for adult content, as reported by several outlets. Find out below what VIT stands for and what blockchain this new coin will be based upon
Ripple argues with R3 over multibillion sum
14.03.2018    |   32
The debate of Ripple and R3, both major corporations interested in blockchain technologies, will be settled in the New York court. Find out below the exact subject of their dispute
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