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How mining equipment evolved: from GPU to ASIC
18.01.2018    |   2079 takes a look at how mining difficulty has changed components of mining equipment
What countries are most profitable for mining?
20.12.2017    |   5586
The article provides an overview of the electricity pricing across the world. These costs significantly influence the income of a miner. analyzes where it is most profitable to mine cryptocurrency
How to legalize profit made on cryptocurrency
29.11.2017    |   1165 tries to figure out in this article, how to legalize the income received from sale and purchase of cryptocurrency
Mining in Venezuela: Huge profits with the risk of being arrested
24.11.2017    |   1218
Mining seems to be a reasonable investment in Venezuela given electricity prices. But reality may disappoint wanna-be miners. How difficult it is in Venezuela to deal with cryptocurrency activity? Revelations of the mine...
Military coup or endless economic instability: what drove bitcoin to sky-high rate in Zimbabwe?
23.11.2017    |   1076
Last week, Zimbabwe was the focus of the entire world's cryptocurrency community. The military coup, that ousted president Robert Mugabe from power, led to a rapid rise of bitcoin price on the local exchange. What were o...
Garage vs. Hotel: Which mining option is most profitable?
07.11.2017    |   1271
Is it too late to build a mining farm at home or in garage and why is it not worth investing a fortune in the production of cryptocurrency?
Miner’s revelations
19.10.2017    |   1037
Authors of the article tell life stories of ordinary people, and these stories serve as answers to the following questions: is it beneficial to mine cryptocurrency? Does mining equipment pay off? What can one do to reduc...
Don't keep all your eggs... on one crypto exchange
20.09.2017    |   1064
Many people tend to treat cryptocurrency as a source of easy money. It is indeed when the market is growing. But there is another risk that is often forgotten. As in the real life money – even digital – can be stolen or ...
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