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Ethereal affairs: how to mine Ethereum
17 May 2018    |   808
Is it worth to mine Ethereum at home and a step-by-step instruction if you still decide to do it
Mum, I am a miner…
16 May 2018    |   1230
In this article on Bitnewstoday you will learn about what should be taken into account when choosing equipment for mining, and also will read the analysis of the most popular GPUs
Hidden mining. How not to become a cryptoslave
06 April 2018    |   2041
Hidden mining: how do people become cryptoslaves without even knowing it. Bitnewstoday decided to scrutinize the essential points
How mining equipment evolved: from GPU to ASIC
18 January 2018    |   3701 takes a look at how mining difficulty has changed components of mining equipment
What countries are most profitable for mining?
20 December 2017    |   13246
The article provides an overview of the electricity pricing across the world. These costs significantly influence the income of a miner. analyzes where it is most profitable to mine cryptocurrency
How to legalize profit made on cryptocurrency
29 November 2017    |   3092 tries to figure out in this article, how to legalize the income received from sale and purchase of cryptocurrency
Mining in Venezuela: Huge profits with the risk of being arrested
24 November 2017    |   1600
Mining seems to be a reasonable investment in Venezuela given electricity prices. But reality may disappoint wanna-be miners. How difficult it is in Venezuela to deal with cryptocurrency activity? Revelations of the mine...
Military coup or endless economic instability: what drove bitcoin to sky-high rate in Zimbabwe?
23 November 2017    |   1251
Last week, Zimbabwe was the focus of the entire world's cryptocurrency community. The military coup, that ousted president Robert Mugabe from power, led to a rapid rise of bitcoin price on the local exchange. What were o...
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