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Become a columnist at Bitnewstoday invites you to become our columnist. 
The digital economy is just gaining momentum all over the world, so how about sharing your knowledge, thoughts, impressions, facts, and analytics on this topic with the wide audience?

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The requirements:

— The primary language of a contributed article is English
— The text must be original, never posted or contributed before (we'll check for plagiarism)
— The length of the text should be no less than 2.500 and no more than 5.000 characters (including spaces)
— The articles can be contributed at least once a week, but if you want to write more often nobody will stop you, just don't forget to get acceptance of your articles plan
— No hidden promos, please: no links to any company but educational or charity (thanks for understanding)
— You can mention only companies you are not linked to (you're not working for it, not advising or consulting it, not owning, not representing it in any other ways)
— You can't mention any company within one article but only the worldwide well known brands (for ex: Apple, Hitachi, Samsung etc). Any other companies can be just described if necessary. Thanks for understanding.
— We greet your illustrations within the article, but in the case of using the pics from third parties, we need the authorship confirmation, so please mention the author and get the written agreement to use (if you're not the author)
— We respect our columnists, so every article is signed by real names, no nicknames or anonymity
— If major revisions are needed, the name of the editor also mentioned in the article in the second place

NB! We pre-moderate the texts for compliance with the editorial policy. All your posts should be dedicated to something, what can change the crypto market, influence the digital economy. Please keep in mind our leading motto: What Will The Global Market Get. Please don't choose the narrow local topics, think broader, higher and go bigger. 

Helping you to be more popular on the, our editors will obviously give you advice on how to improve your text and make your article more noteworthy and meaningful (if editor considers it is necessary). Please be patient: keep in mind they do this for you, for your "higher score" on the site, for more views of YOUR article. Thank you.

NNB! reserves the right to accept or decline any post without explanation, but apparently, we don't act such way and clarify each refusal.

We are waiting for your texts!