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Bets Are Off: An Anonymous Crypto Expert Believes In Bitcoin Growth

13 July 2018  |   

According to Chinese media resource BlockBeats, more than 30 thousand sites around the world are infected with mining scripts.
The ad blocker AdGuard states that mining viruses could penetrate more than half a billion computers.
Almost all mining scripts inside browsers mine Monero.
According to various estimates, about 68% of resources, using computer powers for mining are porn sites.

In the USA, a workgroup will be created to investigate crypto crimes. Donald Trump has signed a decree.
According to the document,  published on the website of the White House,
this task is among the priorities for the US authorities.

Nowadays, according to the BitMex Research study, most of Bitcoin blocks exceed the limit of one megabyte, that existed before the SegWit update.
It took several months to see the update results in the form of lower charges and larger blocks.
SegWit transactions now amount to almost half of all Bitcoin transactions, and with a price drop, the commission fees have fallen to record lows.

An anonymous crypto expert from Australia put 8.5 million dollars on the fact that by 2023  Bitcoin’s price would exceed the price of one Warren Buffett fund’s share.
For today, the share price is about 289 thousand dollars, which is about 45 times more than the Bitcoin’s price.
Tom Waterhouse, one of the leading bookmakers, has tweeted about this deal.

The start-up Stasis has announced the launch of a stable EURS token with euro support and a price tied to it in a one-to-one ratio.
Grigory Klumov, the CEO of the start-up, has noted that there is a significant demand for such a stable crypto from institutional investors.
The token is already traded on the London crypto-exchange DSX.
It is expected In Stasis that in the near future its token will be added to the trading pairs on "other major crypto exchanges".

Richemont, a Swiss holding, which owns Cartier brand, plans to use blockchain to track the supply chain of diamonds in order to maintain its transparency.
Jin Keyu, a member of board of directors, who has also mentioned her plans to study cryptos for purposes of macroeconomic theories, has supported this idea to create a stable crypto that can be used for exchanging and storing funds.

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