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New Hack: Bancor attacked and EOS falls

10 July 2018  |   

Binance has decided to donate one million dollars to the victims of the massive flood in Japan. In his tweet, the head of the exchange Changpeng Zhao has called on everyone to join him in this charity event. The victims will be donated in bitcoins, the internal tokens of the BNB platform and in Japanese yens. The fund transfer scheme will be announced in the near future.

The Ripple token XRP is about to see three new exchange listings. The intention to be listing it was expressed by DX.Exchange, Australia based The Cryptocurrency Exchange and Unodax based in India. The fact that XRP appears at a growing number of exchanges suggests that large exchanges such as Coinbase can eventually decide to list it too. How ever, the latest news is unlikely to cause a significant increase in the cryptocurrency price. As for now, the price of Ripple is falling, some changes in the future being still possible, though.

Unknown hackers have gained access to the Bancor online wallet and skimmed off nearly twenty-five thousand ethereums and two hundred and twenty-nine million NPXS tokens. The total amount of the stolen funds was more than thirteen million dollars. The illicit outflow of another ten million dollars in cryptocurrency was prevented by the developers. Previously, the Bancor team assured its users their wallets were safe. Currently the platform website is unavailable for technical reasons.

This morning, the EOS exchange rate started slumping. The drop within the day was more than 11%. A few hours ago, the EOS price was more than eight dollars, but now it is just slightly above seven dollars and fifty.
The exact reason for such a slump is unclear, perhaps it can be partially attributed to the hacking of the Bancor platform. During the launch of the main EOS network, its tokens were brought to the Bancor platform to be subsequently replaced. It should also be reminded that last June Bancor signed a partnership agreement with EOS and raised a hundred and fifty-three million dollars in ICO  just within a few minutes.

Bobby Lee, the founder of the Chinese crypto exchange BTCC, considers Bitcoin a very resilient and stable cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is highly valued anywhere in the world and doesn’t need government support or regulation. According to Mr Lee, the value of Bitcoin is likely to rise as a result of the failures of the prevailing fiat money system. In addition, he encouraged the investors to be more decisive and not to wait for a dip in price.

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