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Chinese authorities want to ban foreign ICO

11 July 2018  |   

The National Chinese Bank issued a statement against ICO. Now the dissatisfaction of the regulator was caused by projects that changed jurisdiction, but continue to work on the territory of the country.
Pan Gongsheng, Vice President of the Chinese National Bank, said that such activities are illegal and must be combated.
However, we do not know in what ways the authorities intend to restrict access to foreign ICO and cryptocurrency trading.

MyEtherWallet, a popular crypto-wallet, was attacked by free Hola VPN service.
The service, which is used by about 50 million customers, was attacked for 5 hours. Users who at that time switched to MyEtherWallet with enabled VPN could suffer, but the wallet wasn’t compromised.
However,  MyEtherWallet team recommends to everyone who used the VPN in the last 24 hours to move their tokens to a new wallet.

The first  Russian English-language magistracy for cryptography will be launched at Novosibirsk State University.
In addition to the encryption technique, students will be taught Blockchain-technology.
Invited lecturers from Germany, Denmark, the USA and other countries will read the intensive Course on Cryptography.

Over the next 10 years, crypto-currencies can become mainstream, according to the research conducted by Imperial College of London in cooperation with the British crypto-platform eToro.
Researchers believe that digital currencies already function as a store of value, but  don’t yet match the other two most important requirements of money - to serve as a medium of exchange and act as a unit of value.

The BitGo platform, one of the leaders in working with crypto-wallets for different networks, announced the addition of fifty seven tokens of ERC-20 standard.
All new tokens and their teams have been fully studied and found to be reliable.
BitGo is also going to conduct constant monitoring of tokens and quarterly assess their security.
By the end of 2018, the crypto wallet of the platform will support more than a hundred Cryptocurrencies.

Nigeria entrepreneurs prefer to conduct payments in bitcoins rather than in national currency.
The reason for this was the high volatility of the Nigerian Naira. Businessmen are not stopped even by the warnings of the Central Bank of the country about the high risks of using bitcoin.
Many of them believe they could save their business only with cryptocurrency.

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