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How many IСOs are effective?

12 July 2018  |   

Swiss platform TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation have announced a strategic partnership. Both companies have officially confirmed its intention to acquire German WEG Bank. The management of the bank, in its turn, plans to create a new subdivision to introduce financial technologies, including blockchain into its work.

BitPico group, after carrying out a "stress test"  for Bitcoin Cash, have reported about hard  evidence of the Altcoins centralization. BitPico claims that 98% of the network nodes are "in the same server cabinet". The Bitcoin Cash team has already been asked for the reason of such a centralization.

A built-in crypto wallet has appeared in a new version of Opera for Android. Currently, a beta version is used, which supports only Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, as well as collectible items in ERC-721 format. The developers promise to add other cryptos after checking the user's response to the innovation.

London School of Economics and Political Science has announced the launch of an online crypto course. According to the creators, this program will be useful for investors, representatives of fintech companies and governing bodies, dealing with crypto regulating. Students will be taught  how to work on crypto exchanges, use Bitcoin-wallets, and also analyse ICO projects.

Ledger, a leading producer of hardware crypto wallets, sold more than a million of its devices in 2017, making a profit of 29 million dollars. According to Pascal Gauthie, the president of the company, such a high demand for wallets of Ledger and other vendors is due to the lack of secure platforms, where blockchain transactions could be signed without risk.

The administration of the Cagayan economic zone in the Philippines intends to receive  67 million dollars for crypto-exchanges licensing. Currently, according to the ministry 3 of them have been issued - 2 licenses for trading platforms from Hong Kong, and the third for a company from Thailand. The management have received 70 applications from companies, 6 of which have already paid a license fee. Some applications have been approved and are in the process of being released.

About 56% of crypto startups that raise funds by selling tokens, cease all their activity for 4 months after the ICO conduction. Such a conclusion was made by the researchers of Boston College, having analyzed in Twitter the activity of more than 2000 projects, that ended before the beginning of May. According to the authors of this research, the most secure strategy for ICO investors is the sale of tokens in the first days of their listing

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