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BREAKING: NEO Unintentional Fork Took Place, Switcheo Reports

29 January 2019 14:30, UTC
BREAKING: NEO Unintentional Fork Took Place, Switcheo Reports

An unintentional fork of the NEO cryptocurrency took place, due to which most of the public nodes stopped at block 3,293,299 — the announcement was made by Switcheo, the NEO-oriented crypto exchange, in its Telegram-channel recently.

Problems of the network do not carry additional risks to the safety of the funds of users in their wallets; however, certain types of errors may occur during the transfer, Switcheo writes.


At 07:55 UTC, Switcheo made another statement, claiming that the NEO blockchain "produces blocks in the normal mode." According to them, transfers in the network should be resumed, and account balances should be updated.

Nevertheless, the observers of NEO continue to provide the contradictory information, claiming that the last block in the network was produced approximately 10 hours ago. It is possible that their nodes did not have time to reconnect to the mainnet — if so, other system participants may still face problems with the transactions.

Image courtesy of Crypto Ninjas

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