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Build a Fintech Company you can be Proud of using these Marketing Trends

22 May 2020 15:20, UTC
Build a Fintech Company you can be Proud of using these Marketing Trends
By Patricia Njoroge

Brand building and marketing are essential for today’s fintech. Fintech marketing is all about using marketing techniques from the present to make sure you communicate with your clients.

To succeed as a marketer in 2020, one has to prioritize the needs and wants of your customers regardless of the industry you are. With fintech continuing to improve and innovate new ideas in the financial sector, marketing strategies need to improve to meet the growing demands of customers.

Companies need to look beyond the usual marketing strategies and find new ways that will improve their business. Below are nine great marketing strategies to help you position your fintech company, acquire new clients, and move your company to a greater future. Are you interested in this? Then read along!

8 Ways to Improve your Marketing Strategies

  1. Go digital

Everyone has adopted new mobile money innovations. This trend might seem obvious, but it is essential. Everything is going digital from money transfer to making other payments. On average, 60% of internet usage occurs on mobile devices.

Even casinos like Bitcoin casino Australia have moved to digital where players can access casino games online without having to go to a land based casino.It is important for fintech companies to adopt new mobile ways, for example, creating a mobile responsive website. This will help you converse with your clients and new customers that you attract. Going mobile using a website also helps you rank better on Google, thus helping customers find you faster.

  1. Create highly customized content

In order to generate buzz around your products, you need content marketing. If you want your business to thrive, creating high-quality content needs to be on top of your marketing strategies. When creating content, focus on answering your client’s questions as well as showing them the benefits and value of our products or services.

Use the right keyword to reach your market target, create customized content, and of course, compare your marketing strategies to those of your competitors and see what strategies they are using. With the right use of relevant keywords and customized content, you can easily get new customers!

  1. Engage with clients

It is obvious that your business depends on your customers, and therefore you should not ignore them. It is important to factor in the marketing strategies that help you engage with your customers. Create a comment section or a live chat to ensure that your clients have somewhere to ask what they want.

Most companies turn a blind eye to their customer engagement, thus slowing down the growth of their businesses. Engagement with clients should be the number one priority for promoting your brand.

Therefore, be active on social media sites, and before you even know, more people want to engage with your products or services.

  1. Create a bold brand

Have you established and formalized your brand?

For fintech companies, branding is the place to begin. You can have customized content and a great platform, but if your branding is poor, then you may not make sales. Brand, according to the specifics of your company’s culture and the targeted demographics. Look for what your target market wants and go bold with the branding. Do not limit yourself, and if you are targeting the younger generation, don’t be afraid to go strong, powerful, and use a splash of colors.

  1. Ensure you over deliver

31.03.2020  |   in Guest posts
The entrepreneurial spirit is about having an intuition and seeing opportunities before others do. With this in mind, you work towards delivering the best products or services to get on the right side. Your business needs to anticipate how to over-deliver to your clients. One thing that’s for sure is that if you over-deliver to your clients, you promote your brand over and over again.

There is nothing great as promising to deliver; then, you end up outdoing yourself. This makes your client happy, and he or she will come back for more or even promote your business to others. Over delivering doesn’t necessarily mean you go out of your way and affect your business, but you can deliver in small but meaningful ways. Do good, and your business will do well!

  1. The use of video technology

Video technology has gained steam for a while now, and there are no signs of stopping. Try using visual content like videos to promote your brand. Today, especially on the internet, like social media sites and websites, you will see a lot of moving images. This is because a lot of marketers have adopted the use of visual content to promote their brand. This is evident in online casinos where they have upgraded from the classic slots to new and exciting video slots.

Video is a powerful marketing tool for many reasons. They are easy to digest, entertaining, engaging, and of course, educating. One can communicate to the customers by creating a video showing your products in a friendly way and the benefits of using it in less a minute.

  1. Be smart with the ads

As different advertising channels are coming up, it is important to be smart when creating ads.

The problem with most fintech companies is that they are not up to date with the current marketing methods. Most companies still place their ads with radio and televisions instead of Google and other social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. It is time that the companies evolve with the rapid pace of technology and create ads that hold the promise. When creating ads, ensure that you have your clients in mind, then build great and impactful advertising based on the fintech industry.

  1. Get the right influencers

Using influencers seems to be the best marketing strategy when it comes to fintech companies. We have influencers on all social platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. These influencers have a following huge meaning that any ad they place will be seen by millions of viewers.

Influencers are unique and already have a fanbase who the companies need to expose their product to. Using the right influencer can create a buzz in your brand because most of their fans believe and trust in them. Carefully select influencers that suit your fintech company and use them as the marketing approach to get to your customers.

Ready to Go!

Now it's your turn to make your business thrive.

Before working on any marketing strategy, it is important to know your target market, goals, and expectations. With this, you will know the best way to serve your customer and use your marketing tools the right way. Use the marketing strategies stated above and take your fintech company to the highest level.

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