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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Video for Businesses in 2020

19 August 2020 10:36, UTC
The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Video for Businesses in 2020

Social media has come a long way when it comes to businesses as it is not only about posting pictures or putting likes and comments on posts. Recent studies on social media show that almost over 60% of people enjoy watching videos more than just regular simple photos as the videos look more attractive, informative and are easy to understand.

Adding a video feature increases not only public engagement but also is a good way for companies to generate revenues. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications today, with over one billion active users and not only the company but the video feature also allows various content creators to generate some cash using these features.

In this article, we will discuss some tricks and will guide you through the Instagram video business strategies and how it is helpful for new creators. So, let's get started.

  • Create An ID Especially For Instagram Business

To start your Instagram business, the first thing you will need is to create an ID on Instagram. To do that, download the Instagram Application on your PC or your mobile platform ( available for both Android and IOS). After downloading, sign in to the app using your Facebook ID or Gmail ID. Complete the setup process by filling in all the necessary credentials asked for. Apart from the regular page, create a separate business page where you will be posting videos or any other posts.

  • Get Unique and Creative

For any business marketing, especially online, you have to be more creative and should always come up with new ideas that can increase traffic to your channel. There are multiple channels or creators on Instagram, reaching out to online marketing by making daily videos and blogs and are helping them make tons of cash.

Be sure about the type of content and find out your target audience. Your content should always be unique. They should be such that viewers find them attractive or catchy as using only ads without proper video content won't generate any amount.

It's better to create your scripts to make Instagram videos. You can use some of the best video editing applications to edit Instagram videos that can download for free or can be accessed online such as Video creek. To know more about Videocreek, follow the given link —

  • Find Audience And Turn Them To Followers

One of the most essential things for an Instagram business is the followers. Your videos can help you increase traffic to your channel and help you grow quickly. Familiarise yourself with the market demands. Edit your profile and use a unique and attractive profile picture.

You can also use different captions or descriptions on your page or videos so that your audience easily recognises it. The recent Instagram studies claim that most of the Instagram active users are from the age group of 18-29 years who are responsible for watching millions of videos every single day.

Communicate with your audience, try to provide their actual needs, listen to their thoughts, mention, and provide links to the products that you are using in the video. You can also put your channel links to other social media sites and ask various groups to promote your channel.

Types Of Videos For Instagram Video Businesses

  • Feed Videos

These are the videos that you see while scrolling down to your feeds. These feed videos are hugely popular amongst brands to promote their products through videos easily. The Feed videos can be up to 1 minute long or sometimes can be even more and supports different orientation styles such as horizontal, vertical, square, etc. It supports MOV or MP4 (1080*1350) type video formats. These videos can be up to 4GB in size.

  • Instagram Stories

The most important thing on Instagram is the story mode that is some of the best and easiest ways to promote your products. Almost every creator or brand uses Instagram stories to showcase new products through videos which helps develop curiosity within the audience. Stories may disappear within 24 hrs but can create a massive impact on marketing and sales.

  • Instagram Live

Once you have gained followers, people will take a peek into your lifestyle to know the product that you are using. Instagram Live allows creators to have a one-on-one direct connection with your audience through video streams, from where you can easily show them the product, have a live unboxing, how-to manuals, or even show a sneak about an upcoming product.

The Instagram Videos can be up to 1 hour long on a vertically oriented screen with an aspect ratio of 9:16 ( 1080*1920p resolution).

  • IGTV

The IGTV feature allows users or creators to upload high-quality resolution videos on Instagram to get engaged to their audience. The IGTV features different channels from where you can watch different content every day. IGTV supports videos ranging from 15 seconds - 10 min long videos, which is a great way to promote your products but once verified by Instagram, you can also upload videos up to 60 minutes

  • Using ads on Videos

Instagram has been opened to allow new creators and Industries to showcase their brands and products through videos or posts. The Instagram advertising trends are one of the most successful techniques to generate profits easily and are followed by various creators and brands too. If you are a beginner and want a career out of Instagram video business, then start by signing into multiple sites such as Amazon that allows future content creators to earn some cash through advertising. Sign in and use those product links or even mention them in your videos, so when people buy these products from your links, you will get a commission out of the product's actual price.


We hope we have been successful in providing you with all the necessary details about the Instagram video for businesses and were able to show how the advertising industries in social media work. Even if you are a beginner and want to pursue a career as a content creator, it's never too late to start.

Make sure all your contents are top-notch so that it can attract a lot of audiences which will eventually help you grow your channel. Use the mentioned features to promote your products and don't forget to put ads or links to videos as posting only videos will not help you generate any cash.

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