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From Russia With Love! TOON #6

15 October 2018 18:34, UTC
From Russia With Love! TOON #6

It is said that spies and terrorists utilize digital coins to paying for their big expenses and covering the tracks. The thing is that this information is neither confirmed nor rejected. It is not due to impossibility, but because someone stands to benefit from it. Probably, the American authorities are afraid of the digital economy getting strong — it threatens the US total global domination. Making a ‘scarecrow’ out of the digital economy seems to be a good chance for protecting the dollar system from a suddenly powerful competitor.

However, society is cautious about virtual assets, and there is a reason for that. The USA is an empire, as well as China and Russia are. Such states are united not only with power but with ideology. The American idea is about the immutable success criteria: money in exchange for initiative and loyalty. Well, the virtual assets involve social initiative; this is what blockchain is about. But they reject the loyalty to the state as a relic of the past. And that’s why they are even more dangerous for the USA than the Russian hackers.

Definitely, the seven Russians condemned in espionage have nothing to do with the digital economy. They were hacking the WADA and the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne websites. Still, everybody talks about the virtual assets. So the aim is to create some negative setting: the regulator knows how to make the best out of this situation for the national interests.

TOON by Maxim Smagin

Digital Сurrencies Became Unsuitable for Politicians As Well As Terrorists

What do the cryptocurrency and gold have in common? The value based on trust, the possibility of using as a means of payment, a rarity, the difficulty of mining. You got that right. And gold is the cause and the consequence of wars. Probably, therefore, politicians, financiers, and just curious citizens believe that illegal armed groups receive various donations through anonymous channels in crypto. But is it really so? And in general, how serious and deep is the problem of financing terrorist organizations with virtual tokens (read more)

Why Crypto Is More Terrifying Than Seven Russian Spies For The US Justice Ministry

The US Justice Ministry accused seven Russian citizens of espionage activities. Moreover, to pay for goods and services related to illegal activities, the Russians used various digital coins. If you read the entire 41-page indictment carefully, you get the feeling that you are dealing with some kind of information fake. For example, the document does not even indicate the dates of birth of the accused persons, not to mention the passport data. Although it says that the criminals have repeatedly crossed the borders of countries, including the United States. So, the details of their documents must have been mentioned in the databases of Border Guard. But for some reason, they are not in the indictment (read more)

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