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How Blockchain and Website Development Can Enhance the Growth of Esports Business

08 May 2020 14:55, UTC
How Blockchain and Website Development Can Enhance the Growth of Esports Business
By Arpan Neema

Esports business is growing rapidly with the involvement of various video games. The only difference between traditional and esports are that participants treat esports as professional sports and it involves video games. Over the years, esports platform development solutions are influencing a large number of entrepreneurs in the industry. Investing in esports is beneficial for the organizers in terms of revenue growth in the industry.

Esports is growing in terms of viewers and broadcasters. YouTube and Twitch are the most popular online streaming platforms for esports. The average number of viewers was 1.28 million in 2019. The more people are consuming esports content as the number of investments increases in the esports market.

Popular Esports Games

Similar to traditional sports, esports are competitively developing tournaments and leagues. Based on prize pools, viewers, payouts, and availability, the most popular esports tournament games are as follows:

  • DOTA 2

    This game is very popular in esports and released in 2013. This game is majorly streaming on online platforms such as Twitch and Youtube under the multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA)

  • Overwatch

    This game is covered under a first-person shooter game and launched in 2016. It has a competitive online multiplayer and more than 14 million users. Blizzard Entertainment was the first organizer found for international players.

  • Call of Duty

    This game involved a series of games in the UK, America, and Australia. It involved professional competitions under the first-person shooter genre. Most of the well-known sponsors are organizing this game annually.

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends is the most trendy games in esports released in 2009 by Riot games. It is covered under multiplayer online battlefield games with higher price money of more than $8 million. There are different game modes and levels available for the players. It is a majorly popular professional competition in Europe and North America.

Development of an Esports Tournament Website

The development of esports tournaments website makes it easy for esports fans to play. It covers all features of events and games, through which players can track their games and tournaments. You can easily launch a website for esports tournament in different ways such as:

Esports Website Builder

29.07.2019  |   in Innovations
There are many esports tournament builder sites available with all key features of an esports website. There are many automated platforms available in the market such as esportsify, esportswebs, and many more. These builder sites have features of social networking, scheduling, templates, leaderboard, etc. The operators need to sign up with website builder sites.


Wordpress is another way of creating an esports tournament website. The organizers can build their website with the help of plugins and customize theme options. This approach can be accessed by buying web hosting without hiring developers. Esports statistics can be created through WordPress, as its plugin also comes with the popular visual composer WordPress page builder.

Custom Development Approach

Custom development is the most appropriate and better way of developing entertaining and engaging platforms for the audience. This approach creates the website as per the requirements necessary tools and shows a better look at the website. There are certain things, that need to consider while implementing custom development approach as follows:

  • Wire-framing: It helps create the structure of the website.
  • Design: Once the structure is created, the professionals design the user-friendly site for the users.
  • Development: It involves coding for making the website customized and responsive for users.
  • APIs: These are the protocols that ensure the interaction with the users.
  • Quality Assurance: The design and development issues are determined through quality assurance.

The emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in esports


14.04.2020  |   in Blockchain
The current esports market has estimated $700 million in revenue with a 200 million audience. The esports industry has so many participants and only a small percentage goes with players and brands. There is no ecosystem for brands and players but blockchain could help resolve these issues and can be revolutionized for esports in the following ways:

  • Decentralized platform for esports

    A blockchain-based esports platform can be helpful for stakeholders, players, game organizers, sponsors, team managers, etc. The decentralized platform is easy to connect with stakeholders. The stakeholders can manage the players, distribution of prizes, sponsorship, and many other aspects. Blockchain is creating a new era of esports. The Enjin and Dreamteam are great examples of blockchain-powered esports platforms.

  • Developing trust factors

    Blockchain helps develop transparency on the network and helps the players in building confidence for the platforms. The developers can secure their work and can avoid the risk of not being paid for their efforts. It helps in developing a contract between game developers and organizers of the tournaments. The transparency of the contract can help remove the unfair distribution of the prize money.

  • Create a cryptocurrency-based secure payment

    Stakeholders are worried about the fraudulent activity but this situation can be improved through cryptocurrencies as they are based on blockchain technology. Currently, cryptocurrencies are a transparent way of payment and outside the control of governments. It ensures the stakeholders that their transactions are not bounced and cryptocurrencies are transferred as per the smart contracts.

  • Enhancing the playing field

    Esports are becoming an important part of the growing industry but players find it difficult to participate in such major tournaments. Blockchain can enhance the playing field by lowering the maintenance cost and developing a secure database. The technology uses a P2P network that is easy for the developers to build platforms such as EOS, NEO, etc.

  • Liberty to players

    As esports tournaments cost huge sums of money which causes high dependency of the players on organizers. But cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain can give better control to players. It reduces the cost of running and organizing an esports platform. Blockchain emphasis transparency and involves agreement as an open-source code.

21.02.2020  |   in Cryptocurrencies
Therefore, cryptocurrencies based blockchain technology is helpful for esports platforms to become transparent and more secure. It also gives a better chance to players in the industry. It will surely enhance the future of esports.


Esports is one of the growing sectors of the iGaming industry. There are various esports games involved with several features. As stated above there are different ways available in the market for creating an esports tournament website. The organizers need to create a better tournament website. The above mentioned can clearly state that creating an esports tournament website can enhance the esports business. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies also have the potential to transform esports. based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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