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AnChain Report: DApps Are Full of Bots

05 June 2019 17:44, UTC
AnChain Report: DApps Are Full of Bots

According to a report from AnChain, a security company dealing with blockchains, a large number of decentralized applications are replete with bot traffic.

AnChain uses artificial intelligence to detect any suspicious activity among dApps and to monitor transactions as well. As part of the report, which is considered to be the largest study of decentralized applications and bot activity by now, the company analyzed the "millions of transactions" of the 10 most popular gambling applications on EOS. The results are disappointing.

Gaming applications on EOS make up most of the total transaction volume, about 65%. In the first quarter of 2019, bots made up 51% of unique accounts and more than 75% of transactions! As stated in the report:

“In other words, every day the equivalence of $6 million USD in transaction volume is driven by bad bots.”

07.03.2019  |   in Blockchain
EOS is the leading blockchain for dApps with a weekly transaction volume of $480 million. Most of the EOS dApps are related to gambling, and it turns out that, unfortunately, they are largely controlled by bots.

Image courtesy of CoinGape

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