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TRON Foundation And CoinTiger Exchange Launch First TRX Trading Market

10 April 2019 12:55, UTC
TRON Foundation And CoinTiger Exchange Launch First TRX Trading Market

The Tron Foundation and Justin SUN, its founder and CEO, have given paramount importance to the integration of the world of digital assets with mainstream financial and economic markets, as evidenced by the sheer number of updates and developments rolling out of their roster.

The latest news from the Tron stable is the company’s partnership with CoinTiger, a digital asset exchange platform. During the reveal, Sun tweeted,

“The world’s first #TRX trading market will be launched on @CoinTigerEx, The initial trading pairs under the market will be ETH/TRX, XRP/TRX, EOS/TRX, LTC. /TRX, XLM/TRX, BTT/TRX, the $TRX market will be available at 16:00, Apr 9, 2019 (SGT). Happy trading. #TRON #BTT $BTT”

The partnership also entailed a TRX and BTT giveaway, with CoinTiger stating that the total amount coming to 1 mln TRX tokens and 3 mln BTT tokens. Tron’s goal to bring in more people into the TRX ecosystem was shown again when it stated that the top 50 traders, based on withdrawals and deposits, would share a pool of 800,000 TRX in addition to 1 mln BTT.

Tron was also in the news recently when Justin SUN announced that the testnet was scheduled to release on May 30 with “unlimited 100x scalability and low energy cost”.

Image courtesy of Cryptonewsz

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