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TRON and Ethereum Updated On The Last Winter Day. What Are The Changes?

01 March 2019 11:40, UTC
TRON and Ethereum Updated On The Last Winter Day. What Are The Changes?

February 28 was notable for updates. On the last day of the calendar winter, two irreconcilable rivals, which are Ethereum and TRON, rolled out Constantinople (St.Petersburg) and Odyssey 3.5 updates, respectively. However, this has not affected the market situation so far.

Justin SUN announced the TRON update on his Twitter account and noted that the multi-signature feature is a must to attract institutional investors to cryptocurrencies

Other features also implemented in the TRON hard fork:
  • Dynamic energy regulation for real-time network performance has been successfully introduced.

  • Mainnet has got a 50% performance improvement.

  • Security enhancements for dApps were introduced as well.

In the meantime, Ethereum’s hard fork went completely unnoticed. It successfully implemented at block 7,280,000. Ethereum upgrade will affect several things, such as the specifications of the main protocols, client APIs and contract standards.

However, the most significant change of this update is a reduction of rewards for the blocks from 3 ETH per block to 2 ETH, which is a continuation of the earlier concept from the previous Byzantium fork, which reduced the reward from 5 ETH to 3 ETH. The price of ETH has not responded to the changes and is stable at about $140 per unit.

Image courtesy of CoinGape

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