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The Price of OKEX’s OKB Token Jumped By 45%

11 February 2020 14:25, UTC
The Price of OKEX’s OKB Token Jumped By 45%
By Anna Martynova

The OKB token price, the native coin of the OKEX trading platform, increased by an impressive 45% as the company launched the testnet for its new decentralized exchange.

At the end of 2019, the company announced plans to launch its own blockchain testnet. Thus, OKChain was launched on February 10, which led to a rapid increase of the OKB token trading price. In the morning hours of February 11 the price of OKB reached $5.89, and the token was trading 48.7% above the daily volume. At the time of writing, the price of the token went to $5.63. OKB is trading on more than 40 active markets. Over the past 24 hours the trading volume has amounted to about $535 million.

OKEX crypto exchange was launched in 2017 in Malta. According to the company's website, it is "the world’s leading one-stop cryptocurrency exchange." The new testnet of the exchange will allow users to issue their cryptocurrencies on the public blockchain of the OKChain platform. Users will also have the opportunity to create their own cryptocurrency exchanges by adding trading pairs and assets.

The company has announced several additional OKChain features, including:

  • progressive multi-chain development,
  • sharding,
  • data layering,
  • creating a competitive environment that will help support the development of crypto-related projects across the industry.

Image courtesy of Sludgefeed

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