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Lightning Network successfully tested

30 December 2017 00:00, UTC
Lightning Network successfully tested

The service allowing to top up mobile phones with cryptocurrencies reported on the successful transaction using the Lightning network protocol.

The first transaction using Lightning Network was conducted by application developer Alex Bosworth. According to him, it was an instant payment with zero fee.

Users can already try the new technology, but they will have to use the command line for this.

Bitrefill CEO Sergey Kotlyar told about the nearest plans of the service: "Everything is ready to go on our end, but we're not launching it yet until a Lightning wallet is released for general use on mainnet."

Stockholm-based company Bitrefill allows to top up mobile phones with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The service supports more than 600 mobile operators in 150 countries.

Technology Lightning Network is designed to solve the problems with the scalability of bitcoin. The protocol will allow to make transactions faster and cheaper, not decreasing network security.

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