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SEC Is Looking For Services To Monitor And Track Data

04 February 2019 10:15, UTC
SEC Is Looking For Services To Monitor And Track Data

The US financial regulator plans to make the market more transparent. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started looking for opportunities to identify holders of crypto wallets.

On January 31, the SEC has published “sources sought notice.” The regulator is looking for companies that can provide information about “most widely used blockchain ledgers, including the universe of available information and transaction details.” In other words, the SEC wants to grab the opportunity in receiving maximum possible information, including the “attribution data” (that is, who is the owner of a specific address).

Additional SEC requirements include the regular provision of data on the most frequently used digital assets and transaction volumes; clearing and normalization of data for viewing and research with the greatest possible accuracy and completeness of this information. The regulator is also interested in options for sharing and transmitting the data, as well as processes and tools for its aggregating and compiling, and other metrics. Those who wish to participate in the tender must submit a cost estimate and respond to the notification before February 14, 2019.

01.02.2019  |   in Legislation
It is possible that such a detailed approach for data analysis and transparency can mean the regulator starts its work on the ETF approval.

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