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One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! TOON #2

02 October 2018 19:38, UTC
One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! TOON #2

France finds itself on the crossroads. It is presented as a FinTech-friendly and innovative nation by its president Emmanuel MACRON, meanwhile taking quite cautious steps towards the new legal framework. Despite the recent ICO regulation news, the uncertainty still stays. The Loi Pacte is in center of attention, a long-awaited legal document. Bruno Le MAIRE has proposed a lot of brilliant initiatives. Will they all live up to the end? Some entrepreneurs doubt that, while other even advise not to wait and choose other jurisdictions. Indeed, French authorities are known for their conservativeness. So, while being at the crossroads, think harder, France: there’s the only way.

Toon by Maxim Smagin

Europe and Africa Are Legalizing Digital Market as Crisis Is Coming

Minister of Finance of the Fifth Republic Bruno LE MAIRE said that the adoption of the ICO law was a part of President Emmanuel Macron's broader plan for business transformation and development. But whatever the wishes of politicians were, the fact that the most conservative legal system in Europe has turned its face to the digital market speaks volumes. And first of all, that the virtual assets are gaining investment popularity (read more)

France Shifts Views on DLT, Becoming №1 Startup Home in Europe

Until recently, France wasn’t so eager to be among the technological leaders. Nevertheless, in 2011, Plan France Numérique 2012-2020: Bilan et Perspectives, the Strategy for digital development, was published. Since then, the government has doubled its efforts to support the use of IT technologies on a national scale. The development took a new turn with the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, who headed for dominance in the high-tech sphere. Before assuming the presidency, Macron was an investment banker (read more)

France: How Loi Pacte Can Be Revised

You can’t change your reputation with a snap of a finger, it’s very true. Despite France’s long-going changes to the views on blockchain and cryptos, one can still consider the release of ICO regulatory framework by AMF as a ‘snap’. Though the innovation-friendly president Macron is passionate about new technologies and urges to finance the future-oriented projects, France is still considered conservative and cautious especially when the political affairs are involved (read more)

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