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Kaspersky Lab: Monero (XMR) Still Popular Among Cryptojackers

06 March 2019 11:52, UTC
Kaspersky Lab: Monero (XMR) Still Popular Among Cryptojackers
Vitaly MZOKOV, the head of verification and growth center at Kaspersky Lab, noted in an interview to CryptoGlobe that crypto jacking and malicious mining still remain on the list of threats in the crypto market.

Malware is in constant development: cryptocurrency owners regularly face phishing in the form of websites’ replicas; malicious code can also be embedded in various open source websites or repositories. Other attack vectors include the installation of malware, which replaces the wallet address at the time of sending the cryptocurrency.
“We consider cryptojacking a threat that will remain of relevance at least in the near future, as the profit is easy to monetize and cryptocurrencies remain more valuable than the cost of such an attack. This year we have seen a large botnet that was mining Electroneum,”
— reported Vitaly MZOKOV.

He also noted that Monero (XMR) is still a popular choice among fraudsters, as this currency is valuable and it has anonymous blockchain with untraceable transactions. The expert advised to pay more attention to preventive measures: install solutions against Trojans with crypto miners, double-check the crypto addresses or at least a few characters at the beginning and the end; choose exchanges where users can only transfer funds to the previously confirmed wallets.

Image courtesy of Bitcoinexchangeguide

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