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Forbes Publishes The ‘Blockchain 50’ List Of Leading Companies

17 April 2019 11:30, UTC
Forbes Publishes The ‘Blockchain 50’ List  Of Leading Companies

Forbes has published the Blockchain 50 list, which includes enterprises implementing the blockchain technology with a minimum revenue or total valuation of $ 1 bln.

Blockchain 50 includes cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, as well as traditional financial firms; food, logistics companies, etc. — Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, ING, MasterCard, Microsoft and Nestle are on the list. Companies related to cryptocurrency include Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfury mining company, XRP Ripple.

Forbes notes the potential of the blockchain technology per the example of Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC), which keeps records of 90 mln transactions a day or most of the world’s $48 trln in securities. According to Forbes author Michael del CASTILLO, the corporation will begin to transfer its 50,000 accounts to the AxCore distributed ledger system, which will help eliminate duplicate procedures and reconciliations.

Forbes notes that most companies see the blockchain as a way to simplify and speed up processes, as well as the opportunity for doing business transparently, which should save billions of dollars.

Image courtesy of Forbes

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