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EOS Price Grows By 12% Amidst New Positions In Rankings

27 March 2019 15:06, UTC
EOS Price Grows By 12% Amidst New Positions In Rankings

The Weiss Crypto Rankings seem to make an impact on crypto industry again. The “Dark Shadows with a Bright Future” report was published on March 26th, where the cryptocurrencies are ranked according to the principle of technology development and adoption.

The ranking is headed by XRP — an incredible pace of development and the number of concluded global partnerships have played a significant role. Also, it is possible that the price of EOS increased by 12% during the last 24 hours due to the rankings. Weiss placed this cryptocurrency on the second place, ahead of Bitcoin, which was really surprising for many crypto community representatives.

Since the mentioned report has been published, EOS demonstrated a confident bull run, gradually approaching Litecoin in terms of capitalization. At the time of publication, the market capitalization of the coin is $ 3.7 bln. Before the release of the Weiss Rankings report, the coin was trading at $3.64, and on March 27, at 00:30 UTC, a price spike led it to the level of $4.04.

22.02.2019  |   in Innovations
EOS cryptocurrency also performed well on the new CoinMarketCap metric. The Fundamental Crypto Asset Score or FCAS, placed EOS on first place over such coins as BTC, ETH and XRP. FCAS measures the “project health” based on three core factors: customer activity, developer behavior, and market risk. EOS scored 911 according to the FCAS scale, while Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP scored 885, 909 and 751 points, respectively.

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