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EOS Founder Hints New Milestone, Price Soars Up 12%

28 May 2019 11:15, UTC
EOS Founder Hints New Milestone, Price Soars Up 12%

EOS has grown by more than 12% in the last 24 hours, and its growth far exceeds all other coins from the TOP-10 over the same period. Invest In Blockchain reports that the project’s founder Dan LARIMER has followed the example of a number of founders of crypto projects and also makes hints on new developments. This way, he announced an important milestone tobe disclosed on June 1.

Combine this fact with the news that the EOS developer company is trying to buy out 10% of its own stock, it will seem that something important can happen in the camp of this cryptocurrency.

Nic CARTER, a partner at Castle Island Ventures, commented:

"A private buyback of this sort signals to me that the company believes that there are few growth opportunities in sight, or badly wants to consolidate ownership and avoid outside scrutiny."

It is worth noting that Dan LARIMER mentions "important news" quite often for the last several months. It is to happen in June, but it is still unclear to market players what he is talking about. It is clear that June 1 is approaching and against this background, the price of EOS soared to $7.79 per coin. Is it worth it or not, we will find out very soon.

Image courtesy of Asia Crypto Today

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