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Cryptopia Relaunches, But Is Still In The ‘Read-Only’ Mode

05 March 2019 15:42, UTC
Cryptopia Relaunches, But Is Still In The ‘Read-Only’ Mode

New Zealand’s Cryptopia exchange has announced that it is finally resuming work after a recent hack. However, users at the moment are still not able to do anything with their accounts but to check their balance. Exchange, trading, deposit, and withdrawal of funds are still not possible.

An ordinary user can not even see if his portfolio was affected by the hack, since the exchange displays the balance as of January 14, 2019, that is, before the hacker attack.

Last week, the exchange revealed that more than 9% of its funds were stolen during the attack, which led to the suspension of the exchange for almost two months.

Today, Cryptopia has urged users to log in and change their passwords, as well as reset their 2FA credentials. The exchange also announced that it is completing the process of returning the lost assets to those affected by the hack. The balance sheet for January 14th is only the starting point for calculating the amounts to be returned.

Such a mild scenario of the exchange relaunch seems to be a step in the right direction. Many users will certainly appreciate that Cryptopia is attempting to investigate what happened and is willing to resume its work as soon as possible with all the necessary rebates issued.

Image courtesy of: Chepicap

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