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Cryptocurrency Wallet Makes an Appearance in Samsung Galaxy S10

13 March 2019 17:24, UTC
Cryptocurrency Wallet Makes an Appearance in Samsung Galaxy S10

Many smartphone fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the larger-than-life Samsung Galaxy S10. With many now eagerly getting their hands on the latest handset, many of the new features of the phone have come to light. The latest flagship Galaxy phone comes with a range of features and benefits, and has become one of the first major smartphones to embrace the popularity of cryptocurrency.

The super-sized screen of this handset (up to 6.4 inches for the S10+) will make it easier for people to browse their favorite websites, enjoy entertainment, and even look at  public records online with ease. In addition, it will delight those who dabble with cryptocurrency because this handset comes with a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet. This is a cold storage wallet, so it is not connected to the internet. In addition, the handset supports a variety of Dapps, or decentralized apps.

More About the Feature

With the cryptocurrency wallet that comes with the new  S10 handset from Samsung, users can store bitcoin as well as Ethereum and Cosmo Coin. The latter is a cryptocurrency that is linked to the beauty industry, and by leaving beauty reviews on the phone’s Cosmee dapp, users can earn Cosmo tokens. Samsung has also revealed that it will be supporting another cryptocurrency, the Enjin Coin, which was developed in South Korea and is an Ethereum-based currency. On top of this, the tech giant said that the new handset will enable the use of cryptocurrency to make contactless payments, which means even greater ease, convenience, and choice for consumers.

There are only a few manufacturers that have released handsets that support blockchain, and it is likely that the decision of Samsung to do this will place pressure on many of the other bigger players in the smartphone market. It is likely that more and more manufacturers will follow the lead of the tech giant this year, as newer and more advanced handsets are released from a variety of tech manufacturers. The Finney Phone from Sirin Labs and the  HTC Exodus are among the other manufacturers and handsets to provide cryptocurrency support.

Industry officials have said that the move by Samsung appears to be the start of a long line of blockchain-based handsets. One said that although the main feature was a cold wallet, it was a big step for the smartphone and blockchain industries, as it paved the way for more advanced cryptocurrency features and capabilities in the next generation of handsets.

Greater Flexibility for Android Users

With more and more people developing an interest in cryptocurrency, the feature on the new handset from Samsung is likely to impress many. Although blockchain phones are still in their infancy in the grand scheme of things, this could mark the start of things to come with future handsets. With many new phones expected to be released from a range of manufacturers over the course of this year, it will be interesting to see just how advanced the cryptocurrency features will become.  

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