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Bithumb Global Lists LCMS — a Token Promoting Healthy Consumer Products, Announces a $20k Trader Event

01 April 2021 17:30, UTC
Bithumb Global Lists LCMS — a Token Promoting Healthy Consumer Products, Announces a $20k Trader Event
By Andrey Sergeenkov

LCMS is now available for trading at Bithumb Global—one of the world's most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges posting over $1.5 billion as the average daily trading volume, as per an update on Mar 24.

Bithumb Global Support

The cryptocurrency exchange lists over 185 coins offered by different, potent crypto projects helping build liquidity. With liquidity and interest from the community, it is easier for the project's creators to achieve their vision mission statement.

Accordingly, Bithumb Global is conducting two events to celebrate LCMS tokens' listing where traders stand to win 20,000 USDT. USDT is the world's most adopted stablecoin. Participants can use their winnings to trade more currency pairs or participate in DeFi.

As of Mar 26, over $40 billion of different assets is under management in various open finance projects in Ethereum.

The Bithumb Global events run concurrently. They are in progress, beginning on Mar 24 and ends on Apr 6.

In the first event — only accessible to clients who have passed KYC2 verification, traders who deposit LCMS tokens. If they participate, they stand a chance to win a part of 6,000 USDT, served on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For every 2,000 LCMS token in net deposit, a trader receives 5 USDT. Each user can only receive a maximum of 15 USDT. The remaining 14,000 USDT is for users who complete the accumulated trading volume of LCMS. Rewards will be dispensed depending on trading volumes and activity. The winner of this event receives 3,000 USDT.

Meanwhile, the second and third most active and high volume traders receive 2,000 and 1,500 USDT, respectively. The remainder will be split by the top 4 to 500.

LCMS for Healthy Consumer Products

Through the LCMS platform, users can track the supply chain of raw materials used in producing certain consumer goods, including cosmetics and medical products.

It is on the Ethereum blockchain, the home of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs.

The LCMS platform's goal is to launch a consumer-oriented solution that promotes human wellness while also helping in environmental conservation efforts. By leveraging the blockchain, users can track raw materials, ensuring that they pose no risk to their health.

The LCM Science

LCMS Science leads the project. They are utilizing their experience, especially in healthcare, to offer a differentiated product.

It is a foundation with a broad consumer base that has operated factories and businesses, possessing requisite techniques in assessing consumer products.

As a result, the LCMS platform plans to develop products derived from clinically approved raw materials while leveraging the blockchain to ensure quality and better communication.

Cash and LCMS will be the only accepted payment method in LCM Science. Out of this, 10 percent of LCM Science's profits will be for activating the platform.

A Client-Facing Approach

In this regard, the blockchain-based solution prioritizes its clients. It focuses on the future, and strives for their clients to have the highest quality goods. For better penetration and marketing, they are growing their community.

Besides, part of their other binding principles includes acknowledging clients' importance and decentralizing the control of user-generated data.

Accordingly, the LCMS Platform comprises two primary sections facilitating easy flow of information and data, and the Shopping Mall.

Through these two, communication becomes fluid, and users can quickly review products or even recommend improvements. Meanwhile, the data generated from these interactions are secured and managed by the underlying blockchain.

The LCMS coin helps enable transactions and acts as a donation method.

Donors can use the LCMS coin to fund non-profitable initiatives in developing countries. For every USD equivalent of LCMS coin donated, there is token burning, which supports LCMS's price.

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Andrey Sergeenkov is a cryptocurrency investor and trader. He covers DeFi, crypto, blockchain, and crowdfunding as an independent journalist.

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