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Witnessing the digital breakthrough Crypto Marketplace Announced The Integration Of Dash

16 April 2019 12:43, UTC Crypto Marketplace Announced The Integration Of Dash

One of the largest European p2p cryptocurrency marketplaces, which serves more than 775,000 customers, recently announced the integration of Dash.

The exchange has features of DEX, as the coins are exchanged directly between users' wallets. They are not deposited in wallets but are sent from the seller’s private wallet directly to the buyer's wallet.
“An advantage of this model is that customers can react faster. With conventional stock exchanges it is necessary to deposit cryptocurrencies first on a Wallet of the stock exchange operator, which can take 10 minutes up to possibly several hours. With crypto-to-crypto trading, customers can accept an offer as soon as they have access to their cryptocurrency.”
— the exchange stresses the benefits of such a system. only charges a 0.5% fee for the trading transaction, which is cheap by market standards.

18.03.2019  |   in Cryptocurrencies
This integration helps to boost access to Dash in European markets since exchanges mainly offer fiat-BTC transactions. Thanks to the large client base of, many who have not yet been familiar to Dash will have access to the cryptocurrency.

Image courtesy of Dash News

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