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The Binance CEO Announced Launch Of New Cloud Service

10 February 2020 16:35, UTC
The Binance CEO Announced  Launch Of New Cloud Service
By Anna Martynova

The Binance CEO Changpen ZHAO has reported that the exchange plans to launch a new Binance Cloud product on February 17. Binance is currently looking for cloud engineers: the exchange has posted a vacancy announcement for a senior cloud engineer. Binance's new offering will be able to match cloud products offered by competitors such as Huobi.

Changpen ZHAO spoke in AMA about the "open platform initiative":

“We want Binance to be more of a platform, and more of an infrastructure provider. The new cloud system is a part of its “open platform initiative”.

One of the points of the open platform initiative is the launch of p2p-trading on Binance for couples with the Russian ruble. Earlier, peer-to-peer trading was available for RMB and Vietnamese Dong. Noteworthy that last week Binance added the option to purchase cryptocurrencies for Russian rubles using Visa cards.

Decentralized platform Binance DEX will charge a fee for listing projects in the amount of 100 thousand dollars. According to the Binance CEO, this will help ensure an effective fight against spam and fraud.

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