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Lithuanian ICOs Attracted €500 Mln. But Where The Money From
10 October 2018    |   5718
Lithuania is in the spotlight of the crypto world this year. Nevertheless, not all is so smooth as it seems. The officials are deeply concerned about the money coming to ICO projects.
The Central Bank of Lithuania To Launch a Blockchain Sandbox in 2019
02 October 2018    |   5596
The Baltic countries have agreed to work on DLT in 2017. During the following year, Lithuanian authorities created a great environment for the blockchain startups and ICOs.
Minister of Finance of Lithuania: The Amendments for Crypto Regulation To Appear in 2019
27 September 2018    |   4784
Lithuania was the third country in the world in terms of capital raised through ICO in the beginning of the year. The country is not planning to decrease the tempo.
Lithuanian regulator exec: ICO investors from Russia are ‘not in line with our national interests’
26 June 2018    |   1111
Learn about the statements of Marius Jurgilas who is the member of the board of the Bank of Lithuania and if his concerns about Russian investors are based on anything from the world of classic finance
Lithuania to issue cryptocoin commemorating independence
07 March 2018    |   339
The digital coin will be equal to the regular coin, but it will only be a collector’s item, tells the local Central Bank. See how these two facts do not contradict each other in this report by Bitnewstoday