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8 Reasons Why Educational Video Games For Kids Can Offer Cognitive Benefits

18 December 2020 16:25, UTC
8 Reasons Why Educational Video Games For Kids Can Offer Cognitive Benefits

Video games for kids are often seen as a hindrance in children's growth and development. Parents and caregivers largely distrust these video consoles as they are afraid of their negative impact on their child's performance at school.

However, many of them do not realise that these educational video games can offer several benefits to children, including creativity, better concentration, enhanced memory, teamwork capability and much more.

Just as physical exercise is important to improve and strengthen kids' muscles, cognitive games help them to indulge their brain in constant stimulation, thus enhancing its performance.

If you aren't still sure of the benefits of educational video games for your kids, here are the top 8 reasons to use them for better cognitive development in children-

1. Improves Decision-Making Skills

There are a huge variety of video game options available today for kids. The best out of these offer unique gameplay that requires the player to make quick decisions that are important to the game strategy and can have a significant impact on the overall game.

For instance, online ludo allows kids to learn decision-making skills through fun and entertaining gameplay. Click here now to know more about the game and how it can help in the cognitive development of your kids.

Children can also play this game in groups, where they often take turns, depending on who has specific skills needed in the game. This allows them to gain various leadership skills, such as motivating and convincing others.


Ludo is a fun online multiplayer game that offers kids a great chance to participate in and sometimes lead a diverse and mixed-age team for better cognitive development.

2. Reinforce Memory

Most of the kids tend to forget the lessons learned in schools, and educational video games can be a fun way to reinforce memory in them.

Many experts believe that video games help to rewire the children’s brains and enhance their memory and neural connectivity.

Apart from this, playing educational video games also allow kids to learn about incorporating multiple strategies as the gameplay changes and difficulty levels are increased. Games based learning, therefore, is an excellent way to help children improve their working memory.

3. Improves Problem-Solving Skills In Kids

If you choose the right video games for your kids, you will realise that they involve certain rules and help the kids improve their problem-solving skills.

For instance, action video gaming can help kids improve their performance in aspects such as the ability to locate and stimulus in a field of distractions.

Online Ludo is another excellent video gaming option for kids where they have to think carefully before making a move to ensure that they follow and stay within the set rules of that particular game.

4. Improves Concentration And Attention Span

Some kids are quite impatient, and it is something that can impact them negatively in the long-run. Not having the patience to wait for something can make them make a lot of mistakes later on in life, and this applies to various aspects of their overall development.

Playing video games, especially ones that require a good amount of focus and a lot of thinking, can improve concentration levels in kids quite significantly.

These video games are designed in a way that helps to capture the player's attention for the entire duration of the game. Several researchers have also found that experience with educational video games improves kid’s abilities to switch rapidly between tasks that have conflicting demands without much error.

5. Encourage Creativity In Children

Educational video games help children unleash their creative side and imagination to be able to come up with unique approaches while dealing with problems in-game as well as in real-life.

Online video gaming platforms, if chosen well, can be a medium for kids to effectively channel their creative instincts into something concrete and more meaningful.

There are a huge variety of video games which allow kids to engage in multiple activities that strengthen the creative aspects in them.

6. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Most video games for children require real-time movement that relies on fast reflexes. Whether the kids are using their fingers on a touch screen or control, these movements can help them develop accurate and much better hand-eye coordination.

In addition to this, most of these games require them to be quite observant to be able to understand the game strategy and move your keys while looking at the different features on your screen.

This helps to ensure that the player can observe and react to the situation quickly, a necessary skill to develop for every child.

7. Teaches Them About Competition

When it comes to cognitive development in children, one of the important skills is to learn about competing with their peers in a healthy way. And educational video games offer a great space to learn and manage these competitive urges.

Further, since there is constant communication between the players in these video games, it results in the development of meaningful relationships among them. This helps them make new friends while strengthening bonds with their old ones at the same time.

8. Improves The Brain's Speed

When the kids indulge in video gaming, their brain receives multiple visual and audio stimulation.

Research shows that children who play educational video games frequently can process these stimulators much faster than others.

These simulators also help to ensure that the child's brain is continuously working to interpret them thus improving the brain's speed.

To Conclude

There is no doubt about the fact that positive effects of educational video games for children far outweigh the negative ones if you ensure to keep the gaming activities in check.

There is enough and more evidence to show that educational video games have a positive and healthy effect on children’s mental growth and cognitive development. The only thing to keep in mind here is to ensure that the game your kid is indulging in age-appropriate for him/her.

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