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Word Blockchain Congress - Bahrain 2018

22 June 2018 00:00, UTC
Word Blockchain Congress - Bahrain 2018

World Blockchain Congress Bahrain 2018 is scheduled to take place on the 29th and 30th of July 2018 in Bahrain. This two-day summit is an educative platform comprising of both local and international case study presentations, highly interactive panel discussions and networking sessions.

The main goal of this forum is to create an accessible and a much more diverse, policy-oriented platform where business and government leaders can learn how blockchain could impact their organizations and economies, and how they can seize the opportunity to reap the maximum benefits this budding technology has to offer.

Key government sector stakeholders, private sector stakeholders and solution providers will support and actively participate in this summit which focuses on the implementation of blockchain to improve efficiency of services and boost the economy of the country.

Why Bahrain?

  • Bahrain is interested in adopting digital currencies like Bitcoin amid a wider impetus toward a ‘country level’ adoption of blockchain technologies.
  • The Kingdom of Bahrain, a constitutional monarchy of over 30 Islands in the Persian Gulf, is taking a bitcoin-friendly approach in its advent to become a FinTech hub in the region.
  • In response to a query about cryptocurrencies at a different forum, it was stated that Bahrain as a country is open for Bitcoins.
  • Notably, it was indicated that Bahrain’s Finance Ministry – the country’s financial regulator has also shown keen interest on adopting digital currencies like Bitcoin. Intriguingly, the government official revealed that a Bitcoin exchange operator in Saudi Arabia made inquiries toward establishing a Bitcoin exchange in Bahrain.
  • Furthermore, it was also revealed the extent to which Bahrain could adopt and use digital currencies by suggesting that Bahrain could also issue bonds on a digital currency. All digital currency-related developments in the private sector would occur in a regulatory sandbox recently unveiled by the country’s central bank, a move toward endearing itself as the FinTech Hub in the Region.

Why Attend?

  • Hear from top speakers & blockchain experts on blockchain technologies.
  • Learn how to leverage blockchain technology in your business or economy from the Industries top blockchain experts.
  • Learn everything about blockchain business models which will take this Distributed Ledger Technology into every market imaginable from shipping to commerce.
  • Learn how ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and cryptocurrencies can be leveraged to gain customers, add value to company offerings and differentiate products and services.
  • Meet startups using blockchain to innovate and disrupt industries.
  • Get a hands-on experience of innovative technologies and use case studies.

The World Blockchain Congress - Bahrain 2018 is for economies, and companies looking to stay ahead of the game realizing the potential impact that blockchain can have on their economy or organization.

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