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Roger Ver to face court for changing in favor of Bitcoin Cash

28 April 2018 00:00, UTC
Roger Ver to face court for changing in favor of Bitcoin Cash

CoinTimes journal chief editor is suing Roger Ver for the changes he made in, a popular website with educational materials on cryptocurrency. Arguments of this person seem valid, because on some pages, one can clearly see that the fans of Bitcoin Cash changed them in their favor.

In a most notable example, Bitcoin Cash is called “Bitcoin”, while the original Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto is called “Bitcoin Core”. The vast majority of the community does not use such terminology, and these changes are therefore actually misleading, considering how would probably be one of the first sites newbies would use as a guide.

On other pages, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are compared in such a way that a viewer has an impression he/she would be better off buying the latter cryptocurrency. The logo of Bitcoin is used for Bitcoin Cash, which once again misleads the readers.

20.11.2017  |   in Cryptocurrencies

All the aforedescribed facts leave an impression that Roger Ver’s strategy is to present Bitcoin Cash as a real Bitcoin - and indeed, he himself called BTC obsolete. His financial strategy has already led @Bitcoin account on Twitter to suspension, it would be interesting to watch what would happen with

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