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Consensus 2018 promotion takes creative forms

15 May 2018 00:00, UTC   |    1976
Consensus 2018 promotion takes creative forms

Two interesting activities have marked the beginning of the big summit dedicated for cryptocurrency. The first one involves expensive cars while the second - a satirical procession.

The press has initially thought some Lamborghinis outside Hilton in Manhattan where the conference takes place actually belonged to the visitors, while in reality those were rented cars. This was made simply for the illustration of the popular stereotype about Bitcoin billionaires.

The second noteworthy performance was the parody march of the “bankers” with posters like “We thought it was a bubble” and other similar claims. The movement, however, does not limit its activities only to Consensus, it has been seen at other similar events.

The conference itself has expensive tickets and promoted as one of the main blockchain-related events of the year. However, it has been ignored by some crypto developers (including the well-known Ethereum creator) due to the horrendous lack of quality in one of the reports by CoinDesk, the media behind the event.

Despite the entertaining nature of both events, participants of the conference have already talked on some pressing issues of economy and its digital future, including the St Louis FRB Chief who voiced concerns over volatile market cryptocurrencies may create.

Image courtesy of Lily Katz / Bloomberg

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