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South Korean police to charge Coinone’s top managers and users

09 June 2018  |   

The trade volume of Bitcoin in Venezuela is breaking records. After a brief rise in the beginning of the year, demand for Bitcoins declined between January and February, but since March, trading activity has shown almost uninterrupted growth.
Thus, from March to April, the volume of "Bolivar-Bitcoin" transactions increased by 138%, from April to May - by another 39%, and during the first week of June, by 40.8%.

Mastercard is studying the possibility of using blockchain to check payment cards in retail stores. The corresponding application was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
With the help of a new two-step method, information about the card is encrypted and stored in the blockchain, and decrypted with a private key for payments. The new technology will save users from the need to constantly carry cards and increase the security of transactions.

The South Korean National Tax Service has completed the verification of Bithumb and confirmed the complete legality of its activities. For quite some time, the exchange was under close surveillance by the authorities.
The reason for this was a report on the increase in annual profits by 171 times, and Bithumb was suspected of not only tax evasion, but also suspicious commercial transactions and other crimes. The audit showed no violations, but the crypto-exchange is obliged to pay $ 28 million in taxes.

Coinone, however, was much less fortunate. The South Korean police plans to charge the exchange for providing gambling services through its trading program. Through gambling, criminal proceeds could be laundered, according to the police. Charges will be brought not only to the company's three top-managers, but also to 20 users with the largest trading volumes.

BitMEX has started working with EOS futures contracts. This was done due to the high demand for EOS tokens and a desire to increase productivity. Perhaps this announcement already affected the prices - they’ve increased slightly, but showed a small decrease afterwards. EOS has previously announced the launch its own network, but it was postponed due to the discovery of 12 vulnerabilities in the project’s code.

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