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Kraken donates 1 Million USD to protect the Crypto-Industry

16 May 2018  |    295

IBM in collaboration with the startup Veridium Labs, announced that they’d launch “verde”, its first token, on the Stellar Blockchain.
Tokens will be distributed among companies that pollute the environment. Through a carbon credits system associated with the tokens, the project wants to create incentives to reduce pollution.
IBM believes that Veridium Labs’ Blockchain should improve transparency. The Stellar network was chosen due to a number of advantages, one of which, is the ability to directly exchange tokens, instead of relying on crypto-exchanges.

A Fork took place at the Bitcoin Cash Network. The main change was a sharp increase in the maximum block size from 8 to 32 megabytes. This makes it possible to increase the number of transactions contained in it and reduce commissions.
In addition, the hard fork caused the inclusion of codes providing the possibility of creating smart contracts. A similar event at the Bitcoin Cash protocol is scheduled for November.

Bitcoin will rise to 50 thousand dollars by the end of this year, said Arthur Hayes, head of the BitMEX crypto exchange. Despite the optimistic forecast, he believes that users should be responsible for making decisions and taking risks concerning crypto investing.

Iranian authorities intend to use crypto-currencies to reduce the influence of the dollar. The Parliament has already pressured the Central Bank to develop proposals for digital currencies, in particular, to replace the SWIFT system, used in international transfers. In addition, the head of the Iranian Parliament said that it is possible that they’ll use cryptocurrencies for trading with Russia, noting that this issue has already been discussed with his Russian counterparts.

The crypto-exchange Kraken, donated one million dollars to Coin Center - an organization for the promotion and protection of the interests of the Bitcoin/Blockchain industry. This is the largest single donation this organization has ever received.
It’s important to note that not so long ago, Kraken refused to respond to a request of the New York State Attorney directed to 13 crypto-exchanges concerning their activities.

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