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Is an anti-scam ICO, a scam itself?

08 June 2018  |   

Susquehanna International Group (SIG), one of the largest companies in Wall Street, was engaged in over-the-counter Bitcoin trading for about 2 years. This company provided services for crypto trading only to large customers, dealing with multimillionaire transactions. Nowadays, there are not more than one hundred of them, but the company plans to increase their numbers by several times in the future. Bart Smith, one of SIG's top managers, believes that Bitcoin can compete with gold, and it will soon become a single global way of payment.

BlockBroker, an ICO company, which was loudly declaring its intention to fight crypto scammers, seems to be a scam itself. The previously scattered “incidents” - the use of someone else's photos, or bans of users who expressed their suspicions - have finally formed a single picture. The site has stopped working, all communication channels were turned off. Informations about the deceived investors and their losses haven’t  been disclosed yet.

The central bank of Thailand is going to issue its own crypto. The announcement was made the institution’s manager. This currency will be based on blockchain, and its release will be part of a global blockchain testing project in various economic sectors. This crypto is supposed, particularly in the banking sphere, to speed up and reduce the cost of interbank transactions. Along with this project, the Central Bank of Thailand is testing blockchain for the emission of digital bonds.

Bitcoin hasn’t reached any records for 1 hundred 73 days already. Those, who got into cryptos at the end of the previous year, when its price rose to 20 thousand dollars, are certainly disappointed. However, the fact that Bitcoin hasn’t fallen below 7 thousand dollars, inspires optimism. Investors do not lose hope for the beginning of a new rally in July, but the longer "stagnation" lasts, the "clumsier" Bitcoin becomes, losing its attractiveness. However, it is worth remembering that this crypto stayed in a longer "plateau" from 2013 to summer 2017.

The cost of the world’s most expensive banknote, issued in Brunei, has equaled with Bitcoin. It is a note of 10 thousand Brunei dollars, which is equivalent to about 7.6 thousand US dollars.

Hassanal Bolkiah, the sultan of the country and one of the richest rulers in the world, is depicted on the front side of this banknote since 2006.

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