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Gambler has stolen 2.5 million euros in BTC

13 June 2018  |   

Bitcoin fell sharply on the past weekend. Earlier today, it was at $ 6.588. The decline began on Sunday morning, since then, Bitcoin lost over a thousand dollars in value. The main reasons for this, according to the crypto community, were the breaking of the South Korean exchange Coinrail, and the tightening of market regulations, in particular, the verification of large platforms by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, due to manipulation allegations.
Detailed information on trading operations, since December 2017, has already been requested from Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit and Kraken.

A suspect, accused of stealing 2.5 billion euros worth of Bitcoins, was detained in Estonia. The details were not disclosed yet, but it is known that the criminal illegally obtained cryptos to gamble.
For several years, the attacker has stolen users' passwords and received access to their cryptos. He took advantage of the fact that people often use the same password in several accounts and do not use two-stage authentication.

Coinbase announced the listing of Ethereum Classic. Despite the fact that the official date for the start of trading operations will only be announced on September 5th, its price has grown by almost 25%.
Over the past day, there has been a correction, however, Ethereum Classic shows positive dynamics, unlike most of the TOP-100 cryptos.

The Korea Federation of Banks announced a Blockchain based system for verifying the identity of citizens at local commercial banks.
The service will be available for online and mobile banking, and its beta testing began in April, after the government of South Korea abolished the mandatory traditional identification procedures. The main goal of the innovation is to make Blockchain-applications in the banking sector more present.

Wells Fargo has banned the purchase of Bitcoin and other digital currencies with its credit cards. The main reason is the high volatility and credit risks associated with it. A similar decision was announced earlier by other US banks - Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.
Wells Fargo noted that while the ban on buying cryptos with credit cards will take place, the company will continue to assess the problem as the market develops.

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