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What influenced the depreciation of Bitcoin?
Opinion 29.06.18  |  

The cost of Bitcoin fell below 6000 dollars, and this event caused the entire cryptocurrency market hit. Bitnewstoday asked experts why the value of the foremost cryptocurrency was falling down Marshall Swatt, founder and president of Swatt Exchange “In general, we are in a bear market. It is a correction from the extreme bull market that overpriced the entire asset class. This correction is not surprising. The introduction of CME futures coincided exactly with the peak of BTC price. The introduction...

Is there a need for new cryptocurrencies to be created?
Opinion 24.04.18  |  

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? Do they all make a useful contribution to market and society? What’s the future of cryptocurrencies? Find it out in the article of Bitnewstoday The world has caught cryptocurrency fever. The number of new blockchain projects has exploded over the past year, with new ones popping up seemingly every week. However, that begs the question, exactly how many of these projects do we really need? Some currencies have come into being to replace other legacy models...

Russian miners put in pledge 2-3 coins in the cryptolombard
Opinion 14.02.18  |  

A guest of Bitnewstoday is a founder of a microloans company which offers loans secured by the pledge of cryptocurrency. In the cryptolombard for one bitcoin is paid 50% of a price with real money, an interest rate is quite low, co-founders believe that blockchain has a big future and do not worry about rate collapses In the world there are just 2 cryptolombards and one of them is in Russia. The rest of similar companies carry out illegal activities. More details are in our interview on BNT. How...