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What will the global market get


Spencer Bogart says crypto hedge funds’ sells behind the latest trends
29.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

The economic expert and partner of Blockchain Capital thinks he had found a reason behind the latest Bitcoin price motion - check out its credibility and see what the same person said in the past Spencer Bogart, partner of Blockchain Capital, has made a curious explanation of the price dynamics we have witnessed this week: as he thinks, cryptocurrency hedge funds and related investors are the main drivers of the fall which may continue. Investor does not imply that these business entities somehow...

The largest Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo entered the capital of the start-up Oval Money
29.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

One of the largest banks in Italy invests in fintech start-up developing an application that allows not only to save but also to invest money. Learn more information in the article of Bitnewstoday Bank Intesa Sanpaolo entered the capital of the start-up Oval Money, acquiring a minority quota through its venture capital fund. The operation was performed through operation unit of Neva Finventures, which deals with the investment of venture capital. The start-up of Oval Money in the fintech sphere...

What influenced the depreciation of Bitcoin?
29.06.2018  |   Opinion

The cost of Bitcoin fell below 6000 dollars, and this event caused the entire cryptocurrency market hit. Bitnewstoday asked experts why the value of the foremost cryptocurrency was falling down Marshall Swatt, founder and president of Swatt Exchange “In general, we are in a bear market. It is a correction from the extreme bull market that overpriced the entire asset class. This correction is not surprising. The introduction of CME futures coincided exactly with the peak of BTC price. The introduction...

FBI special agent: blockchain ‘makes it easier to trace cryptocurrencies than cash’
28.06.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

A twist which is already known to most sophisticated criminals - Bitcoin’s blockchain is not anonymous and trying to hide illicit finance there actually exposes it even more if the law enforcement agency is tech-savvy Kyle Armstrong, agent of U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation responsible for cryptocurrency-related criminal finance, has made a rather interesting remark at a recent conference on digital assets, as reported by the financial media. While 10% of all drug traders use various marketplaces...

Steve Wozniak says Ethereum can outlive the blockchain hype
27.06.2018  |   NewsEthereum

Learn what famous Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said about blockchain technologies at a recent tech conference, which blockchain projects might fall and which will endure the test of time Ethereum will be among those blockchain projects which will live on even after the great fall of currently-overestimated enterprises, Steve Wozniak stated in his speech to the participants of the conference in New York called NEX. Nevertheless, many other endeavors “can burn themselves out by not being prepared...

Circle payments company exec: the price of Bitcoin will increase again, it is inevitable
27.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

Learn about the newly-reported opinion of Claire Wells from Circle, a financial company focused on peer-to-peer payments and having Goldman Sachs as one of investors. Will the price of Bitcoin go up? See below The United Kingdom media outlet Express reports about the recent statement ...

Global regulation of the cryptosphere: is that possible?
26.06.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

... unimaginable to the internet's earliest pioneers — the internet is not globally regulated. In most parts of the world, it's still technically possible to fire up a website, no matter what your own or a neighboring government has to say”. A similar opinion is shared by Kristoffer Nelson, co-founder, and COO of SRAX and principal of the BIG Platform. The expert believes a global system of crypto-regulation will hardly be created because there are no global safety standards at the moment. “I don’t ...

Jack Ma: Bitcoin ‘could be a bubble’
25.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

One of the most famous and influential businessmen of our time has expressed his opinion on Bitcoin and blockchain today. Learn what he thinks in the new material and who else prefers the same approach Alibaba marketplace co-founder and CEO Ma Yun, more known as Jack Ma, has expressed his views about Bitcoin. He supports the technology,...

Lloyd Blankfein does not support arrogant Bitcoin critics
22.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

See what the president of Goldman Sachs said about the most popular digital currency and how it corresponds with what he said in the past year. Learn if he has any Bitcoin possessions Recently talking about Bitcoin, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sach leader and one of the most influential finance figures of today implied he did not exclude the scenario of cryptocurrencies becoming more popular. This is evidenced from the following words: “If you could go through that fiat currency where they say this...

Intelligence analyst George Friedman: eventually, government-backed hackers will make blockchain ‘obsolete’
22.06.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

Learn what George Friedman is known for in the sphere of politics and intelligence and what he says about cryptographic technologies’ finite sustainability to cyberthreats - especially from governments George Friedman who usually appears on the pages of the media on politics with expert statements has made a statement about blockchain technologies. As he thinks, there can be no cryptographic technology left unhacked forever, and hackers backed by the intelligence of either China, Russia or other...

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