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Proof-of-Robbery: 6 Examples Why Crypto is Sometimes Dangerous To Deal With
Bnt-reviews   |   19.09.19  |  

... quite aggressive, and no virtual cryptographic space can save you from an offline threat. Intrusion in Norway A good example of an introductory case — Norwegian citizen was attacked in his own house by back in May 2019, but the court hearing for this crime is active right now, where reportedly the suspect will be sentenced to a few years in the Norwegian prison, as the details were provided by a local news outlet . Back then, the victim was held at gunpoint, but luckily managed to escape the robber ...

The Return Of Crypto Ponzi? Bitconnect To Launch New Project
Crime   |   20.05.19  |  

The crypto community showed negative reaction to the news: users say that the organizers are planning another scam and no one should fall to their new tricks The notorious Bitconnect project announced its return under the “Bitconnect 2.0.” name. The message on Twitter says that the new project will be launched on July 1, 2019. Bitconnect which also had a lending platform and cryptocurrency exchange closed down in January 2018. The cryptocurrency Bitconnect Coin (BCC) was considered a Ponzi scheme...

Canadian Police Arrest A Record Amount Of ‘Criminal’ Bitcoins
Crime   |   04.04.19  |  

It became known that the Canadian police managed to confiscate bitcoins worth 1.9 mln US dollars from the arrested drug dealer Canada is again in the highlights of crypto news with the crime reports. This time it became known that the Canadian police managed to confiscate bitcoins worth $ 1.9 mln from the arrested drug dealer, Toronto Star writes . This is the first time that Canadian law forces have managed to arrest cryptocurrency ...

Canadian Police Investigates Bitcoin ATM Frauds
Crime   |   14.03.19  |  

According to the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Cybercrime Team, the Canadian blockchain company suffered significant losses as a result of the crimes The Calgary Police Service (CPS) Cybercrime Team (CPS) is investigating a series of fraudulent crimes with Bitcoin ATMs that resulted in the Canadian blockchain ...