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Binance doesn’t add TrueUSD after it suddenly grows 30%
17.05.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

The token backed by dollar grows 30% upwards. If the reader doesn’t see anything suspicious, this material explains why this shouldn’t have happened and Binance exchange reaction The feature that makes TrueUSD special is its claimed close connection to the United States dollar. This is a natural response to the fact that some cryptocurrencies are not backed by anything except, maybe, mining energy costs....

Binance continues international expansion in Bermuda
28.04.2018  |   NewsExchange

Binance has made an agreement with another country which states it would benefit from the crypto market — see more about this country’s statements and learn which other states resemble it in their financial policy The digital currency exchange Binance ...

Binance gets more profit in Q1 than Deutsche Bank
27.04.2018  |   NewsExchange

The financial world is reviewing how the first quarter of 2018 went for companies. Surprisingly, the digital currency exchange Binance gets more revenue than Deutsche Bank. See precise numbers in the report According to the numbers first compared by entrepreneur Alistair Milne, Binance has received more revenue than the powerful fiat Deutsche Bank — $200M vs. $146M. TIL: ...

Verge +241.97% in 30 days, second most traded digital currency on Binance
13.04.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

... has increased in popularity on a vast cryptocurrency exchange, one can discover what this means for its future price in the new report by Bitnewstoday Verge has been growing in popularity recently and became the #2 most traded digital currency on Binance despite the overall bearish sentiment of investors throughout the last 30 days. Since March, Verge demonstrates a leviathan growth of +241.97% (based on Coinmarketcap statistics). The recent news which might have increased the interest of investors ...

Binance has had an outage hour, everything already fixed
05.04.2018  |   NewsExchange

Find out about the recent bug of the popular digital currency exchange Binance in this material and see the exact reason behind the glitch which did not allow users to conduct operations The cryptocurrency exchange called Binance, a vast financial organization, has recently experienced technical difficulties connected ...

Binance: no, regulators do not want to close us
23.03.2018  |   NewsExchange

The cryptocurrency exchange called Binance reportedly receives a warning from the FSA, the Japanese financial authority. Read what happened in real life in this new and important material by Bitnewstoday Initial recent reports about Binance, a digital currency exchange based in Japan ...

Binance opens new office in Malta with Prime Minister openly welcoming it
23.03.2018  |   NewsExchange

The digital currency exchange is appearing in the news for the third time. See below what’s so special in opening up a new office and if the Prime Minister’s reaction has anything to do with it Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has opened a new headquarters in Malta and moves there, as reported by several technology-related and financial press outlets. The subsequent reaction from the country’s Prime Minister is noteworthy due to the ...

Bitcoin has not surpassed $10,000
23.03.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

Instead of surpassing the 10K level Bitcoin is currently in another decline. Read how much percent it lost in 24 hours and whether the situation with Binance contributed to the price dynamics or not While some may investors may wish that Bitcoin could fly above $10,000, it’s not happening just yet - instead, the end of Thursday (European time) was marked by a price decline. At the press time, the ...

Rewind: the multibillion hack of Binance prevented
12.03.2018  |   NewsExchange

Find out all critically important details of the hack attack on Binance, what did the management say and how much funds was actually stolen in this chronological report by Bitnewstoday Binance, a prominent digital currency exchange platform, has been hacked last week, but hackers have failed to withdraw funds they ...

Binance claims it has updated its structures, announces trades resumption
09.02.2018  |   NewsExchange

According to some sources, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance has been experiencing technical difficulties since yesterday. Find out what happened, are hackers involved and when the trades are going to be re-launched Binance was not hacked in any way despite the rumors which are being disseminated by ...

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