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Witnessing the digital breakthrough
Come Again And Play the Bitcoin Game! TOON #20
Investments   |   07.12.18  |  

Crypto exchanges are crucial part of today’s market. But this does not excuse them from sins. Today’s toon is all about that fundamental part of today’s ecosystem and their wicked and amusing shenanigans on the market Crypto exchanges are one of the main pillars in the digital economy ecosystem. However their unique positioning within the market leaves ...

Sell Me This Pen! TOON #19
News   |   30.11.18  |  

... industry is rapidly losing its financial attractiveness. Does number onу cryptocurrency which celebrated its tenth anniversary last October, have a chance to stay on top of the crypto world - or it doomed to give way to younger and bolder projects? TOON by Maxim Smagin Bitcoin, Exchange and Two Bot Wallets or How Bitfinex Manipulates The Market As we expected, after a short break, Bitcoin continued to fall over the weekend, breaking through another level of support - $4,000 and updating its annual ...

$800 Bln Laundered By Banks But It's Crypto To Be Blamed. TOON #18
Regulation   |   27.11.18  |  

... ICO, decentralized exchanges, cryptocurrency emitents, the coders. Strict measures are announced by FATF, SEC, and a number of other regulators. There seem to be a certain engagement on the part of officials, and it’s quite a pity that it exists. TOON by Maxim Smagin SEC vs DEX: Two Lessons To Learn From EtherDelta Case Decentralized exchanges, or DEXes, were called the true route of “cryptonomics” development by the enthusiasts. These entities operate without a central authority acting as ...

Everybody's Worried About Bitcoin Сrash Except Bitcoin And The Market Itself
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.11.18  |  

... situation in order to cut away random characters, as well as to get rid of the irrelevant and failed projects. This will improve the industry and make it possible to make a new upward leap. Everybody have been waiting for that for quite a long time. TOON by Maxim Smagin Winter On The Bear Dominated Market or What To Do With Bitcoin This week started with a bang: a real bloodbath has begun on the cryptomarket. Substantial support level at the $6,000 mark? Gone and forgotten, that became history after ...

High Moral Economy Of The Golden Crescent Against The Immoral Economy Of White Stars
News   |   20.11.18  |  

... Western business was the dead-end road. And therefore, people who did not get to the vanity fair of the European or American business world, more and more often carry their savings to those institutions where it is haram to make money, lie, and extort. TOON by Maxim Smagin $500 Million — The Price of The Islamic Economy Global Expansion Can the economy be influenced by global paradigms? Examples of the influence of religion on entrepreneurship are in the centuries: Protestant business ethics, the ...

The Whole World Is In the Chinese Crypto Menu. All Taste Just Like Guo Bao Rou. TOON #15
News   |   16.11.18  |  

China seems to have one goal - to take the first place in the digital race. And as soon as the state coin supported by the second most powerful economy appears, this goal can be considered achieved Chinese cuisine, Chinatowns, Chinese goods... Sometimes it seems that the whole world has turned into a Chinese shop. The digital market is no exception. If you delve through the history of this or that asset or project, you will surely come across a Chinese trail. It will lead either to the company...

I'll Become A Billionaire! Absof$ckinglutely… TOON #14
Ico   |   14.11.18  |  

... stage those blockchain startups who are trying to combine the innovativeness of the technological solutions and the time-tested business models that have already been successful and brought income to the investors in the traditional financial sector. TOON by Maxim Smagin Ernst & Young: Why ICO Investors Burned Down 66% of Money The beginning of 2018 was promising for the ICO: during the first half of the year, initial coin offerings have gathered $6.3 billion. This is 118% more than the amount of ...

Holes? Don't Worry, These Are The Best Swiss Traditions! TOON #13
Switzerland   |   09.11.18  |  

... Probably, the regulators and financial institutions understand the mistake they allowed to happen, and thus some precious time was lost. Until the changes are implemented, the “bugs” in the legal framework are to be presented as “features”. TOON by Maxim Smagin Swiss FDF to propose blockchain policies options at the end of 2018 Switzerland has proven to become one of the best jurisdictions for crypto business and ICO for the last years so far. made a recent report on key ...

Bankers Talk - Money Walk. TOON #12
Investments   |   06.11.18  |  

This Bittnewstoday TOON is dedicated to the centralization of the digital market and what consequences it leads to The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto was that the participation of financial institutions in the processing and conduct of transactions increased their value, ...

The Crown Runs Away From Wonderland. TOON #11
Great-britain   |   02.11.18  |  

This Bittnewstoday TOON is dedicated to the UK and the processes that take place in the field of digital market regulation Great Britain feels hurt by the digital market. Indeed, how many messages, articles, and opinions were there that the oldest jurisdiction in Europe ...

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