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Stripe. The Startup Which Is More Than $20 Bln Worth
Bnt-reviews   |   10.04.19  |  

... multimillion investments? Can a new payment system almost instantly become the largest player in the market, but still claim to be just at the beginning of the journey after nine years of success? The answer to all these questions is: “Yes, it’s about Stripe”. What is Stripe? Stripe is a payment system created in 2010 by two brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick COLLISONS . Nowadays it is one of the main competitors of PayPal. This is a company that came up with the idea: “Something is wrong ...

Stripe to stop working with Bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies   |   24.01.18  |  

The major payment system decides to stop working with Bitcoin, which means no more transactions on that platform. Main reason? Price dynamics and financial properties of Bitcoin The statement coming from the Stripe team suggests that the reason they have decided to stop working with Bitcoin payments is due to the price growth the most popular cryptocurrency experienced over the last year and it’s still far higher than values during which Stripe decided ...