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Blockchain Smartphones. What’s Wrong With The Hype?
Blockchain   |   26.03.19  |  

... powerful processors, the latest technologies, the perfect design — it’s a great competition! The latest version of the S10 was available for pre-order only (until March 8, 2019) — for those who couldn’t wait. The first users’ reviews about Samsung phones have strongly swayed blockchain community. It turns out that among the numerous applications of this model there is also Samsung Blockchain Keystore — an electronic wallet to store cryptocurrencies. “After all, the industrial giant ...

Cryptocurrency Wallet Makes an Appearance in Samsung Galaxy S10
Innovations   |   13.03.19  |  

With many fans eagerly getting their hands on the latest Samsung handset, many of the new features of the phone have finally come to light Many smartphone fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release of the larger-than-life Samsung Galaxy S10. With many now eagerly getting their hands on the latest ...

Enjin (ENJ) Price Grows By 223%, Partnership With Samsung Confirmed
Cryptocurrencies   |   26.02.19  |  

It is reported that an agreement is signed between Enjin and Samsung — the companies are said to cooperate in the field of blockchain gaming products Cryptocurrency Enjin Coin (ENJ) soared by 223% since Asia Crypto News has published the news that Enjin and Samsung have signed a cooperation agreement in the ...

The Leak Of Blockchain Tutorial In Samsung Galaxy S10
Innovations   |   21.02.19  |  

While Samsung fans celebrate the release of new Galaxy S10 smartphones, crypto enthusiasts are confused — the company doesn’t comment blockchain or crypto implementations The attention of crypto enthusiasts and gadget geeks is riveted to the newest release ...

Samsung Filed Trademarks In UK and EU For Cryptocurrency Wallet
Innovations   |   29.12.18  |  

It is rumored that the company plans to introduce crypto wallets implemented in Galaxy S10 smartphones. However, Samsung representatives denied it South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has filed a trademark in the United Kingdom on technologies related to the blockchain and smartphones. There is an option that the company is considering the integration ...

Samsung Declared The First Working Blockchain Solution for South Korean Banks
Blockchain   |   29.08.18  |  

After a series of unfortunate attempts blockchain managed to penetrate the banking sector. What purpose did the ubiquitous technology get? Samsung SDS, the subsidiary of the largest technical conglomerate, announced its certification platform based on blockchain and aimed to simplify transactions between different banks. The platform named BankSign was developed together with the Korea Federation ...

Samsung mining chips endeavor proves profitable
Innovations   |   26.04.18  |  

The material outlines the profitability of mining chips which Samsung has recently decided to produce and sell. How beneficial did the first quarter turn out to be for this consumer electronics giant? Details below Reports suggest that the intentions of Samsung to produce mining chips were not a waste of time ...

Samsung explores blockchain for tracking global shipments
Innovations   |   17.04.18  |  

The South Korean company continues its Blockchain development, as well as a new platform. Learn more details about technology implementation in logistics from our report Samsung has decided to implement blockchain to monitor international shipments. Song Kwang-woo, blockchain lead and vice president at Samsung SDS, told about his expectations of shipping costs slashing by 20 percent due to this technology. The company ...