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CTO Ripple Confirms The Launch Of xCurrent 4.0
Innovations   |   06.05.19  |  

Ripple's xCurrent is one of the company's corporate software solutions; it allows banks to make international payments using end-to-end tracking David SCHWARTZ , CTO of Ripple, confirmed on Twitter that xCurrent 4.0 is live and that user upgrade was ...

Ripple Releases Report for Q1 2019 Amid XRP Downfall
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.04.19  |  

The report provides information on the amount of XRP coins taken out of the escrow account, as well as the company's financial progress and XRP market updates Ripple, a leading American FinTech company, published a report for the first quarter of 2019. It provides information on the amount of XRP coins taken out of the escrow account, as well as the financial progress of the firm and the updates of the XRP ...

Japanese Banks Invest In MoneyTap App using Ripple’s xCurrent
Innovations   |   29.03.19  |  

According to the SBI report, 13 more banks are investing in an application that allows making 24/7 domestic money transactions with lower fees Ripple continues to conquer new territories: the partner of the company, financial giant SBI, stated that Japanese banks are ready to invest in MoneyTap, an application for mobile payments backed by Ripple’s technologies. According to the SBI report,...

11 Universities Join Ripple’s Research And Education Initiatives
Innovations   |   08.02.19  |  

The UBRI program was founded in June 2018 and included 29 leading universities studying the blockchain technology and its application. Now there are 40 of them in the list Ripple successfully expands its partnership with educational institutions: the list of partners is now updated with 11 more universities. The UBRI program was founded in June 2018 and included 29 leading universities studying the blockchain technology ...

Blockchain And Payment Systems: A Shared Future Awaits?
Bnt-reviews   |   07.02.19  |  

... are successfully working with the transfers of ordinary users for a long time; the third promote their products in the interbank market; the fourth specialize in organizing services for sellers and buyers. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. Ripple — a successful bank integrator For this company, the situation on the market is quite successful. It is promoting its own protocol of interaction between banks and their own cryptocurrency that is circulating in the transaction exchange system....

SBI Holdings and Russian Banks Partner: How Will Ripple Benefit From This?
Innovations   |   25.01.19  |  

SBI Holdings reached an agreement with two Russian and Japanese banks. It was signed during the meeting of the President of Russia with the Prime Minister of Japan The partner of Ripple, Japanese corporation SBI Holdings, reached an agreement with two Russian and Japanese banks. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the Russian-Japanese Investment Fund are planning to invest in SBS bank, a subsidiary of SBI. This agreement ...

Visa Inc About To Acquire Earthport Plc, One of Ripple’s Partners
Innovations   |   28.12.18  |  

... by 346% One of the units of the American financial giant Visa Inc is on its way to acquiring Earthport Plc, a British international payment services provider for banks and businesses, Reuters reports . In 2014, Earthport started cooperation with Ripple, incorporating a cross-border payment protocol into their payment network. The deal that Visa International Service Association and Earthport are about to conclude, is estimated at £198 mln, with each share valued at 30 pence. It is noteworthy ...

SWIFT vs Ripple: India Intervened In The Financial Standoff
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.11.18  |  

... financial institutions are struggling against the blockchain, the East is following its own way and seems to be winning the technological race The confrontation of two financial platforms continues. The SWIFT Company responded to the call of the head of Ripple, who promised to seize the market of interbank transfers sooner or later, having signed the agreement with independent FinTech-developer Monetago to create a pilot project of a DLT payment system. The fact that the news came not from Brussels, ...

Ripple vs SWIFT: The New Game Of The American Political Elites
Cryptocurrencies   |   14.11.18  |  

... financial but also political. The words of international experts and the actions of the IMF become understandable when you consider who is next to them. For example, Ross LECOW turned into a crypto enthusiast, speaking at the discussion panel led by Ripple CEO Brad GARLINGHAUS . Previously, this man was one of the top managers of Yahoo. MasterCard Executive Vice President Colin TAYLO R also supported the digital company. By the way, both Yahoo and MasterCard are closely related to the American ...

The UN Is Ready to Cooperate With The Digital Market Player
Blockchain   |   27.09.18  |  

... Companies working with virtual assets clearly underestimated the international humanitarian programs until recently. Frankly speaking, the digital market has always been the fiefdom of cynical and pragmatic people who do not suffer from excessive empathy. Ripple still holds the record of donations. The company spent $29 million to equip classrooms in US schools. This money was enough to purchase property and stationary for 3000 offices in 50 states. The rest was spent on every little thing. As a comparison,...

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