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Ripple Under Fire: Lawsuit And Bearish Predictions
Cryptocurrencies   |   15.08.19  |  

US investor changes lawsuit text against company in which he claims that Ripple misled investors and sold XRP as an unregistered security Ripple seems to have had a tough time. On August 13, it became known that XRP investor from USA Bradley SOSTACK changed a class action lawsuit against a company in which he alleged that ...

US Fed To Develop New Solution ForFaster Payments Called FedNow
Innovations   |   07.08.19  |  

... infrastructure to promote ubiquitous, safe and efficient faster payments in the United States.” Due to the fact that the Fed is ready to launch its own payment system, many blockchain projects will face serious competition from it. For example, the Ripple payment network uses the XRP token for liquidity, which the government still has not approved yet. Image courtesy Crypto Economy

Ripple Publishes Q2 Report: Sales Increased By 48%
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.07.19  |  

Direct institutional sales have increased, however, programmatic sales still made up most of the total The Ripple report for the second quarter, published on Wednesday, brought several surprises: profits, losses and a new partner. Total XRP sales increased by almost 48% to $251 mln in the quarter. Direct institutional sales increased by almost 73% up to $107....

PayPal Announces Xoom App to Compete With Ripple
Innovations   |   18.07.19  |  

... the customers use PayPal services worldwide, and the application will add functionality PayPal launches a new application for fast and cheap payments worldwide. The application is called Xoom and, if successful, it can become a real competitor to Ripple. Xoom will have a ready-made user base at its disposal: the customers use PayPal services worldwide, and the application brings a new degree of functionality to what the company already provided. Initially, Xoom will work for users in 32 European ...

How Crypto Can Be Moneygram Savior?
Bnt-reviews   |   16.07.19  |  

It was projected that distribution was a key obstacle for Ripple, which is why MoneyGram offer a far-reaching infrastructure, allowing people to send Ripple anywhere MoneyGram and Ripple, and blockchain company has come to an agreement. Ripple paid almost 3 times the closing price for MoneyGram shares . In ...

Latin America Banks Test Ripple xCurrent
Innovations   |   24.06.19  |  

These financial institutions include Banesco Panamá and Scotiabank Chile. Currently, the mentioned banks are testing the blockchain technology There are some banks in Latin America that are apparently going to be adopting Ripple’s cross-border payments service xCurrent, financial news agency iupana reported. The financial institutions involved include Banesco Panamá and Scotiabank Chile. Currently, the banks mentioned are testing the blockchain technology. Banesco Panamá ...

Ripple Launches New Office in Switzerland
Cryptocurrencies   |   06.06.19  |  

Ripple is taking a new step for the development of the token: the company recently opened a new office in Zurich to sell XRP to institutional investors Ripple is taking a new step to develop a token: a company recently opened a new office in Switzerland ...

CTO Ripple Confirms The Launch Of xCurrent 4.0
Innovations   |   06.05.19  |  

Ripple's xCurrent is one of the company's corporate software solutions; it allows banks to make international payments using end-to-end tracking David SCHWARTZ , CTO of Ripple, confirmed on Twitter that xCurrent 4.0 is live and that user upgrade was ...

Ripple Releases Report for Q1 2019 Amid XRP Downfall
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.04.19  |  

The report provides information on the amount of XRP coins taken out of the escrow account, as well as the company's financial progress and XRP market updates Ripple, a leading American FinTech company, published a report for the first quarter of 2019. It provides information on the amount of XRP coins taken out of the escrow account, as well as the financial progress of the firm and the updates of the XRP ...

Japanese Banks Invest In MoneyTap App using Ripple’s xCurrent
Innovations   |   29.03.19  |  

According to the SBI report, 13 more banks are investing in an application that allows making 24/7 domestic money transactions with lower fees Ripple continues to conquer new territories: the partner of the company, financial giant SBI, stated that Japanese banks are ready to invest in MoneyTap, an application for mobile payments backed by Ripple’s technologies. According to the SBI report,...

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