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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Turkey Seeks Haven in Crypto With Lira Plunge. Regulation Promised Soon
19.10.2018 18:15:00  |   NewsRegulation

Due to tense political situation and the plunge of lira, Turkey is to become a cryptocurrency obsessed nation very soon. Regulation is expected to appear until the end of year. Turkey is a wonderful and unique transcontinental country combining two concepts: the European and the one of the Middle-East. Turkey is a charter member of the UN, an early member of NATO, the ...

Switzerland Teams Up With Liechtenstein To Show $44 Bln Crypto Market Valuation
15.10.2018 13:53:00  |   NewsRegulation

... Switzerland. The leadership needed to be retained. The main reason for those great shifts of numbers were the obstacles the Swiss banking system used to put in front of crypto companies: they basically refused to open bank account for them. According to the regulation, if the ICO ends up to be scam or is involved in money laundering, then the bank bares direct responsibility, not only the ICO itself. During the year, FINMA has also held discussions with the SNB and bankers’ association on how to make banks ...

Thief Is Not The One Who Steals But The One That Is Caught. TOON #5
12.10.2018 14:16:00  |   NewsExchange

..., scammers stole $ 1,2 bln in 2017 and $ 1,1 bln in the first half of 2018. It seems that the crypto community does not learn from its own mistakes ( read more ) Crypto Exchanges Transparency Brings Peace in Investors' Mind In some ways, a lack of regulation can be a good thing, as it lets industries exert their own autonomy and naturally grow, however it also means that simple actions can become dangerous. For example, the act of using an exchange such as Mt.Gox cost some users all their funds....

Tokenization of Real Estate: How To Divide A $30 Mln Mansion And Sell Off The Pieces
10.10.2018 21:06:00  |   NewsTechnology

Digital technologies are penetrating the legal reality. Will they be able to protect the property from new crises? The mansion in Manhattan priced at $30 million was transformed into digital coins and sold in parts. Not in the physical sense of the word, of course, but in legal and financial terms. “With tokenization on the blockchain, we can get rid of the conditions imposed by traditional banks,” the estate agent Ryan SERKHAN says. “It will be useful for the project and all interested parties...

Lithuanian ICOs Attracted €500 Mln. But Where The Money From
10.10.2018 18:08:00  |   MarketIco

... the project moved to eventually, or where is it heading right now? So, the worries of officials are not groundless at all. By now, FNTT created a list of virtual assets risks. Mindaugas Petrauskas stated that the proposals for crypto and ICO activity regulations have been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance — the regulation wheel needs to spin even more rapidly in Lithuania.

El Petro’s Eleven Enemies: Why The World Policemen To Force Venezuela To Its Knees
09.10.2018 18:57:00  |   NewsRegulation

... Senate will prepare the stop-list for the digital coins of rogue states. As we expected, digital assets launched by the Venezuelan government will not help the Maduro regime skirt the US sanctions. 11 influential senators at once presented a draft regulation entitled “The Law on Humanitarian Assistance, Restoration, and the Rule of Law in Venezuela of 2018”, which de facto bans the turnover of El Petro both in the United States and in marketplaces controlled by American business. It is significant ...

Germany: Experts Call For Increasing ICO Regulation Pressure
05.10.2018 19:18:00  |   NewsRegulation

... the market is expected to improve again and upcoming ICOs will benefit from this rebound”. On the example of Germany, it became obvious that even the advanced countries, that were the first to develop laws for the digital market, still far from full regulation of the crypto sphere. That’s why the issue of tightening regulation is now becoming increasingly important. Experts realized this long ago: this is a necessary measure to ensure that the players of the crypto market are responsible for their ...

One Flew Over The UN's Nest. TOON #3
04.10.2018 16:59:00  |   NewsRegulation

This Bitnewstoday toon is devoted to the cryptocurrency and blockchain discussion at the UN General Assembly. The digital economy is not only domesticating new financial territories but also getting itself into the highest tribunes. And now, the theses about the social significance of the AI and DLT technologies development are heard in the hall of the UN General Assembly. Malta is involved in the model legislation regulating the turnover of digital assets and Sierra Leone is launching a distributed...

Will Bill Clinton Change The US Сrypto Landscape?
03.10.2018 14:34:00  |   NewsRegulation

... their use as a tool for money laundering and terrorist financing. And this is a real stumbling point in the process of developing a new economy. But, according to the ex-president of the USA, such a problem cannot be solved by excessive and mechanical regulation buildup. The old legal regime cannot be applied to innovative technologies and solutions. “With this, you will simply kill the goose that lays the golden eggs,” CLINTON warned the regulators. “We can destroy the emerging system by creating ...

One Way Ticket, Monsieur Macron! TOON #2
02.10.2018 19:38:00  |   NewsRegulation

... a one way ticket. France finds itself on the crossroads. It is presented as a FinTech-friendly and innovative nation by its president Emmanuel MACRON , meanwhile taking quite cautious steps towards the new legal framework. Despite the recent ICO regulation news, the uncertainty still stays. The Loi Pacte is in center of attention, a long-awaited legal document. Bruno Le MAIRE has proposed a lot of brilliant initiatives. Will they all live up to the end? Some entrepreneurs doubt that, while other ...

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