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Double Dealing by Payments Companies: How Visa and MasterCard Earn on Digital Junk
Innovations   |   26.10.18  |  

... preparation for the launch of a new payment service B2B Connect on the blockchain, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. The new payment service, which is designed to solve problems with traditional cross-border and cross-currency non-card payments, will integrate the IBM’s open-source technology Hyperledger Fabric. The main feature of the new Visa product implies tokenization of confidential information such as bank details and accounts, and generation of a unique identifier for each ...

Triffin Dilemma Or Why US Is Resisting Virtual Currencies
Usa   |   05.10.18  |  

... same time, they cannot print more money than the US GDP allows since the dollar is also a national means of payment. Consequently, by providing other countries with its own monetary units, the United States is experiencing a constant deficit balance of payments. Which, in turn, brings discredit to the dollar and stimulates inflation. For the first time, this economic phenomenon was described by the American economist, Yale University professor Robert Triffin in the early 60s last century and named after ...

Virtual money roll on a fiat rails
Innovations   |   18.07.18  |  

Payment systems making their way in cryptoverse International payment and technology company Mastercard recently acquired a patent for a new, perspective technology and opens new and exciting possibilities in the world for crypto for them. In the papers, released by USPTO sometime later it is explained that because of the rising interest towards cryptocurrency because of the higher levels of anonymity and security that blockchain based currency can provide. However, because of the wide disparity...

A house of cards: mysteries of cryptocurrency cards
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   21.06.18  |  

Bitnewstoday reveals the secrets of cryptocurrency cards for our readers. What advantages do they have over traditional cards and whether it is worth getting them, read in our article Prospectivity, multifunctionality, decentralization — one can list the benefits of cryptocurrency in comparison with traditional means of payment for a very long time. Though, there are some minuses as well. One of them is the low prevalence of technology. Some news about Japanese cafes and shops, where you can pay...

Ripple’s Ryan Zagone to join the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee
Cryptocurrencies   |   19.06.18  |  

... company’s head of Business Development is going to enter a council of various financial institutions with close ties to the United States Federal Reserve One of the high-ranking managers of Ripple has become a member of a task force responsible for faster payments with close ties to the United States Federal Reserve. While this Steering Committee consists of several hundreds of participants, Ryan Zagone will represent 90 payment firms, as reported by AMBCrypto. Naturally, both Ripple Labs and Mr. Zagone ...

Bank for International Settlements: Bitcoin could get Internet to a full stupor if used at the scale of regular purchases
Cryptocurrencies   |   18.06.18  |  

See what the researchers from one of the most important world banks situated in Switzerland told about Bitcoin and blockchain which is the foundation of this digital currency, by far the most popular on the market A new paper composed by the analytics from the Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland) describes an interesting theoretical scenario: Bitcoin becomes a number one payment tool on the Internet and used as often as the U.S. dollar - the network would not be ready for the millions...

NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman: yes, crypto could be used as Internet currency
Exchanges   |   06.06.18  |  

See what NASDAQ CEO thinks about the opportunity of digital currencies to become a universal means of payment on various Internet sites and marketplaces, as well as what could have provoked the journalist’s question Adena Friedman who heads NASDAQ, one of the biggest and most known traditional exchanges in the world, does not exclude a scenario in which cryptocurrency becomes a widely-recognized Internet currency. This has been stated in the recent interview with financial press. This assets management...

GMO to introduce Bitcoin payments for in-game achievements
Cryptocurrencies   |   04.06.18  |  

The new system may bring the digital currency market and in-game rewarding system closer. See the details on this project by GMO and other interesting endeavors in the new material on the topic The Japanese company called GMO is going to implement Bitcoin rewards in the achievements system of new video games this summer, as witnessed by the reports from the region. The company does not exclude the addition of other coins over time. Rewards in video games are given in exchange for certain activities:...

Brad Garlinghouse: Bitcoin is actually not the best payment tool
Cryptocurrencies   |   01.06.18  |  

See the latest statements made by Bradley Kent Garlinghouse, chief executive of Ripple and one of the most successful cryptocurrency entrepreneurs on the current digital market Ripple managing company CEO does not consider Bitcoin a good means of payment, as witnessed by the reports in the financial media. As he said, one can surely buy a cup of coffee for bitcoins - but the transaction will have to be approved 20 minutes, and the price of this cup will double due to the operational costs. While...

Vitalik Buterin: influence of “the Rothschilds” or the world’s richest business leaders overestimated
Investments   |   28.05.18  |  

See what the creator of the second digital currency after Bitcoin thinks about the popular stereotype on the rich people controlling every aspect of the financial system, as conspiracy theorists think The world financial system is under full control of the rich and their families - this is what conspiracy theorists want the public to believe. Cryptocurrency anarchists sometimes share this sentiment, but creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin apparently does not: in the new post on Reddit, he doubts...

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