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A Brief Guide on 0% Loans and How it Works
Guest-posts   |   26.12.19  |  

... the way to go. There is a maximum credit limit set by the lender who issues a 0% credit card and the funds can be used until the credit card limit is reached. In the UK, the payment is based on the amount of virtual funds used from the credit card. PayPal Credit In the UK, another method to avail a 0% loan for immediate access to credit can be done by getting credit in your PayPal account . It is essential to keep in mind that the debts must be paid in time or else the interest associated with ...

SingularityNET Integrates PayPal Payments
Innovations   |   15.11.19  |  

SingularityNET, a decentralized artificial intelligence technology provider, has announced the successful integration of PayPal payments on its blockchain-based marketplace SingularityNET, a decentralized artificial intelligence technology provider, announced the successful integration of PayPal payments on its blockchain-based marketplace. Integration was first announced ...

PayPal Announces Xoom App to Compete With Ripple
Innovations   |   18.07.19  |  

Xoom will have a ready user base at its disposal: the customers use PayPal services worldwide, and the application will add functionality PayPal launches a new application for fast and cheap payments worldwide. The application is called Xoom and, if successful, it can become a real competitor to Ripple. Xoom will have ...

Stripe. The Startup Which Is More Than $20 Bln Worth
Bnt-reviews   |   10.04.19  |  

... of success? The answer to all these questions is: “Yes, it’s about Stripe”. What is Stripe? Stripe is a payment system created in 2010 by two brothers from Ireland, John and Patrick COLLISONS . Nowadays it is one of the main competitors of PayPal. This is a company that came up with the idea: “Something is wrong with a market where PayPal dominates — but it does not satisfy consumers’ needs.” Stripe is aimed at merchants and business owners, they are the main customers of this ...

David Sacks from ‘PayPal mafia’ predicts real estate tokens rise
Exchanges   |   21.05.18  |  

... more liquidity and possible dangers for the market, as well as some background on the problem of shorting opportunities introduction Reports coming from the financial media tell about the view of yet another one of the members of the celebrated ‘PayPal mafia’ - the initial group of people behind the vast fiat payment enterprise. David Sacks thinks that real estate tokens would eliminate the problem of illiquidity discount - in other words, people would be more willing to exchange digital tokens ...

The remaining barriers the cryptocurrency industry must overcome to successfully disrupt the $500 billion remittances market
Guest-posts   |   18.05.18  |  

... billion remittance industry, there are still several barriers cryptocurrency must overcome before legacy money transfer companies begin feeling real pressure. Read about it in the article of Bitnewstoday. Improving the user experience On the whole, PayPal and other money transfer services like TransferWise are accessible to the average consumer. These firms have readily available mobile apps that connect to a customer’s bank account without much trouble, support multiple currencies and geographies,...

Bill Harris, first CEO of PayPal: Bitcoin is the biggest fraud in history
Regulation   |   25.04.18  |  

See why William Harris believes that Bitcoin was a large fraud and market manipulation scheme and get a reminder on what other PayPal high-ranking executives said about the same phenomenon in the past Bill Harris has recently made a post on Recode in which he expressed his views on Bitcoin. As he thinks, Bitcoin is a massive pump-and-dump scheme. Pump-and-dump schemes happen ...

PayPal patents a cryptocurrency fast payment system
Innovations   |   05.03.18  |  

The transparent USPTO website gives us an insight in the future plans of a major corporation once again - see what PayPal is trying to invent this time and how exactly it is connected to cryptocurrency The website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office can now show a new patent filing by PayPal. It seems that this fiat money fast online payment corporation ...

Former PayPal CTO’s position on cryptocurrency: still a developing story
Cryptocurrencies   |   19.10.17  |  

See his useful advice to investors in crypto startups Max Levchin, former chief technology officer in PayPal and one of its founders, who is now heading Affirm and trying to deliver transparent pricing for consumers in deals, has expressed his views on fintech to Bloomberg . He was focusing on counter-frauds during his time at PayPal, so it’s specifically ...